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Our Black Friday Adventure Travel Sale is finally here! From Friday, November 26 to December 5, 2021, you can save up to $600 on adventures to over 20 of our favorite places:

“Easy doesn’t Change You.” But we believe your travel sure as snot should.

Our Explorer Chicks return home with stories of living. And not living from the comfort of an armchair or motor coach bus. We’re talking LIVING. Feeling HUMAN. Cutting through the noise and signing up to enjoy the shit outta life even if it means it might suck/hurt/scare the bejeezus out of them.

Explorer Chick knows adventure travel is an unbeatable antidote to the comfort of routine and we know (in our SOULS) that our trips are unforgettable because of who you are with and what you can overcome together. Our adventures don’t trip to just get away and take some pictures of popular landmarks-  Explorer Chick Adventures is about the POWER of women traveling and exploring our world- TOGETHER

Take this as a sign- you need some SHE-nanigans in your life!

If you’ve had your eye on any one of our women’s adventure travel trips, now is the time to snag your spot in 2022! These will be our best travel deals. You’ll save hundreds above our Early Bird Pricing on all of these exciting adventures. For some trips, that’s $600 in savings! 🤯

What’s so good about saving money on your trip? You can put those extra hard-earned dollar bills towards flights, outfits, gear, and cocktails for your adventure! 

Even better? Only the Non-Refundable Deposit is due at booking to take advantage of the discounted travel. You can make payments at your discretion until the final balance is due! After booking simply send us a message at: payments@ec-old.design-works.com to set up a plan that works for you.

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Baja Out to Sea Adventure

Cross “become besties with a whale shark in the Sea of Cortez” off your list. This women’s adventure cruise in Baja, Mexico bunks you in a privately chartered boat so you can snorkel with sea lions, surf in the golden sun, and kayak amidst giggling gal pals. Play with fish the size of a Volkswagen bus by day, sleep in a bunk anchored in the Sea of Cortez by night. Yes, this is real life on your Baja, Mexico cruise adventure!

Save $500. Code: BajaParty2022
January 30, 2022
October 23, 2022

Banff Winter Adventure

Enjoy a quick and active weekend trip to Canada on this multi-sport trip. We’ve jammed all of your favorite winter activities into one epic weekend! Dog sled, snowshoe, cross-country ski and more! Along with our small group of other adventurous women, disconnect for for a few days. Explore the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park, and Yoho National Park while experiencing the definition of a winter wonderland.

Save $400. Code: CanadaWinter2022
March 11, 2022

Belize Jungle + Glamping Adventure

Join our Belize Jungle Adventure Tour & Glamping adventure trip for women only! Spend 8 glorious days staying active in a tropical paradise! Explore the rainforest jungle, try waterfall rappelling, discover ancient Mayan ruins, snorkel, zip-line and more! Enjoy all of this, plus luxurious glamping on a remote Caribbean island.

Save $500. Code: BelizeParty2022
April 17, 2022
November 27, 2022

Dominican Republic Adventure

This isn’t your typical Dominican Republic vacation. Heck no! Enjoy surfing, yoga, rafting, trapeze lessons, and more! It all takes place from your own beachfront eco-hotel. The soul-filling hospitality of the Dominican Republic goes so much deeper than the bottom of a tiki glass. Encounter lush jungles, sandy beaches, dramatic mountains, friendly locals, and authentic farm-to-table food along the north shore of Hispaniola Island.

Save $600. Code: DRParty2022
March 13, 2022
August 7, 2022
November 6, 2022

Galapagos Islands Tour + Multisport Adventure

Love animals and staying active on vacation? How about both! Channel your inner Darwin and get ready for our guided Galapagos Islands Tour and Multisport Adventure in Ecuador! Meet bold women who love to adventure travel and ugly-cry about nature just as much as you. Tour the islands, enjoy a variety of outdoor sports, and say buenos días to all the animals in the Galapagos.

Save $600. Code: GalapagosParty2022
June 23, 2022
July 13, 2022

Peru’s Cordillera Huayhuash Trek

Hike one of the most challenging, yet beautiful alpine treks in the world! Spanning 14 days, our Cordillera Huayhuash Trek Adventure in Peru is the wild outdoor woman’s Shangri-La. We’ll take you on a circuit trek deep into this remote, breathtaking (sometimes literally!) paradise.

Save $600. Code: HuayhuashParty2022
July 17, 2022

Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu

Hike the iconic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru with a small group of bold women! Your trip is fully-supported with deluxe camping, porters, and chefs. Prior to your hike, spend 3 days acclimatizing and exploring Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Then, hike 4 days and 3 nights on the classic route to reach Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate with a bonus extra day at Machu Picchu. Fully showered and well rested we might add!

Save $600. Code: IncaParty2022
July 23, 2022
September 24, 2022

Jordan and Petra Tour

Enjoy a women-only adventure with camping under the desert stars on our Ultimate Jordan and Petra Tour! Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights, you’ll hike portions of the Jordan Trail, ride camels in Wadi Rum, float in the Dead Sea, and glamp under desert stars. Yep! Your Jordan Adventure will channel every ounce of your inner Indiana Jane! Cue the theme song and sing it enthusiastically as you read on about your Jordan adventure.

Save $600. Code: JordanParty2022
April 12, 2022
September 15, 2022
October 9, 2022

Las Vegas Vacation Weekend Adventure

This isn’t your typical girls-only Vegas weekend trip. This is a Las Vegas Vacation Weekend Adventure, Explorer Chick style! (That means packing your sequins and sports bras!) After a few nights on the strip, enjoy rock climbing, kayaking and overnight camping in Black Canyon. Experience both the glamour and true grit of Las Vegas, Nevada in its surrounding desert landscape with other adventurous women.

Save $400. Code: VegasParty2022
April 7, 2022
September 29, 2022
October 6, 2022

Machu Picchu + Rainbow Mountain Multisport

Enjoy biking, hiking, and rafting during our multisport on our Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain Peru Tour. Meet and travel with adventurous women just like you! You’ll spend 4 days on a multisport journey to Machu Picchu including Hiking, Mountain Biking, White Water Rafting, and Zip-lining. Prior to your journey, you’ll spend 2 days acclimatizing in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. You will also embark on a single day hike to Rainbow Mountain.

Save $600. Code: PeruParty2022
July 9, 2022

Moab Hiking + National Parks Weekend

Join us for several unforgettable Moab hikes in the deserts of Southern Utah over one long weekend! Spend four days trekking the best hiking trails in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks by day. At night, explore the Moab area or relax in our private Explorer Chick lodgings. Your weekend has been carefully curated and “in the field” tested by your Explorer Chick team!  We’ve spent YEARS playing in this outdoor mecca in the desert. 

Save $400. Code: MoabParty2022
February 10, 2022
March 24, 2022
April 21, 2022
September 22, 2022
October 6, 2022

Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop

This Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop is a hands-on, fully immersive experience in the great outdoors. Over one weekend — Saturday to Sunday – join other women and learn how to backpack in beautiful Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Yes, your dreams of hiking to a faraway, remote land to spend a few days camping and living in the wild surrounded by mountains can come true! 

Save $50. Code: TheRedParty2022
14 dates available. Which one is yours?

Unspoiled Scotland Hiking

Experience hiking in Scotland among the unspoiled landscapes of the Scottish Highlands with this unforgettable, women-only tour. Say Fàilte to gorgeous, WILD Scotland! Experience challenging hikes in vast landscapes, rocky coastlines, and secluded mountains with ancient wind in your hair. Our tour of the North-West Highlands (a UNESCO Global GeoPark) is the perfect blend of culture, food, adventure, historic castles, and Mum Nature.

Save $600. Code: ScotlandParty2022
July 23, 2022

Smoky Mountains Hiking + Glamping Weekend

Join us on our Great Smoky Mountains Hiking & Glamping Weekend for women only! Enjoy four days of sweeping mountain vistas, a private whiskey tour, forest hikes, and more. Spend a long weekend with a small group of women hiking the best trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (including parts of the Appalachian Trail). Luxuriate with nightly glamping near Gatlinburg, TN.

Save $400. Code: SmokiesParty2022
9 dates available. Which one is calling your name?

Utah National Parks + Hiking

Get that epic sing-along mix tape ready! It’s here: Your 8-day ultimate Utah National Parks Road Trip! Ramble across southwest Utah on our women’s group hiking tour to some of Utah’s most popular national parks and beyond.

Save $500. Code: UtahParty2022
April 18, 2022
September 26, 2022

Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia

Find your bold on this Wilderness Survival Training & Hiking in Virginia weekend workshop for women only! Slay the most iconic summits on the Appalachian Trail—Dragon’s Tooth, Tinker Cliffs, McAfee Knob (known as Virginia’s Triple Crown)—as you earn your survival skills badge in Catawba, Virginia. Between hikes, learn basic hands-on wilderness survival training skills from emergency bug-hunting to fire-building in the rain.

Save $300. Code: VAHikingParty2022
April 21, 2022
June 9, 2022
September 2, 2022
October 6, 2022

West Virginia Wild

Explorer Chick Wild is an inspiring weekend in West Virginia dedicated to that inner “wild” residing in all women! While New River Gorge camping and whitewater rafting, you’ll gather with dozens of rad chicks for a women’s weekend of outdoor activities, a female outdoor adventurer keynote speaker, endless adventures, and plenty of she-nanigans!

Save $50. Code: WildParty2022
June 16 2022

West Virginia Winter Adventure

Cross-country ski and snowshoe through the snowy paradise of Canaan Valley, WV. Shout YASSS at frozen waterfalls on our small group weekend getaway for women only! Can we get an OUT OF OFFICE for this?! Canaan Valley in West Virginia is the perfect spectacular, snowy paradise for winter activities. Cross-country ski, snowshoe, and explore the live music and local microbreweries of the surrounding towns with other bold, adventurous women.

Save $300. Code: WVWinterParty2022
February 3, 2022
February 18, 2022

Yellowstone + Grand Tetons

Explore the mountains, wildlife, thermals, hot springs and geysers of Wyoming on our 7-day Best of Yellowstone Tour and Grand Teton Hiking adventure! Cue the goosebumps as the SHE-nanigan Shuttle passes below the Roosevelt Arch inscription: For the benefit of the people. Preach, Teddy! 

Save $600. Code: YellowstoneParty2022
August 21, 2022
August 29, 2022

Zion and Bryce Canyon Hiking + Glamping

Unreal hoodoos? Check. Slot canyons? Majestic overlooks? Check. All this and more (like heated tents with electricity) await you during our Women’s Hiking and Glamping in Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon weekend adventure! 

Save $400. Code: ZionParty2022
May 19, 2022
May 26, 2022
June 2, 2022
October 6, 2022
October 13, 2022

***Discount, Promo Codes, and Sale cannot be applied to previously booked travel. Only Valid on Travel booked during the Sale Period – November 26-December 5, 2021