Women’s August Trips for Adventure

Roll call to all the August-loving babes out there! *Waves hands in the air.*

Whether you’re celebrating an August birthday, soaking in the warm weather before the rainy season, or getting all your outdoor activities in before back to school, we’re here for it. And you’re in luck because this late summer month offers ALL the outdoor adventure opportunities from miles on the hiking trails to ice climbing to stand up paddleboarding.

We’ve got adventure tours to some of the best places to visit in august around the world including South America and right here in the United States. We don’t care if you’re a pro adrenaline junkie or if spa treatments on a tropical island is more your speed – just come play with us!

What to Expect on the Hiking Trails With Us in August

No matter what hiking, horseback riding, hot springs hunting, rock climbing, mountain biking, or national parks-filled trip you take with Explorer Chick we can promise two things: it’ll be with other women seeking adventure and it’ll be crazy wild fun!

You’ll travel with the best female outdoor guides in the business and a small group of other women nature lovers ready and excited to support you in living your best life. We sort out all the pesky travel details like entrance fees, equipment, and route planning. All you have to do is come in with an open heart ready to make your next trip the best one yet.

Explorer Chick’s Best Places to Visit in August

When we say August is chock full of some of the best destinations, we mean it! From beautiful beaches to under the radar vacation spots, we are SO EXCITED to share some of our favorite places to go in August!

Hike, Kayak, and Trek Glaciers in Alaska

Maybe you’re a bit over the summer heat at this point (if you’re anywhere in New England or down south like North Carolina, we feel you). Luckily, you can still get your hike on without the high humidity sweat shower up here in Alaska! We’re talking legit glaciers and ice climbing — in AUGUST! Explore this open wildland with some of the best and biggest national parks in the northern hemisphere.

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Tour Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Small towns, endless wilderness, and world-class thermal activity (geysers, thermals, and hot springs – oh my!) await you on this summer trip. And you’re in luck, because the late summer months are the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park.

It’s peak season, with the best weather and wildlife viewing opportunities. And with our experienced guides, we’ll see the many attractions everyone wants to see, plus some lesser known (and less crowded) gems.

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Hike Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

Finish off your summer season by crossing Half Dome off your bucket list. That’s right – we’re conquering the famous cables of Half Dome on an EPIC 4-day backpacking long weekend! This isn’t your grandma’s evening stroll. This is badass Yosemite Valley and you’re in for the trip (and workout) of a lifetime!

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Surf, Raft, and Trapeze in Dominican Republic

This isn’t your typical small island, summer beach trip. This is Adventure with a capital A. We’re talking leaping from WATERFALLS, FLYING on the trapeze, and surfing gorgeous blue waters with your new badass women crushes. Then rest, recover, and discover your best self with laidback happy hours and beachfront yoga.

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Hike and Camp in the San Juan Islands

Are you ready to sea kayak your arms off then enjoy gourmet backcountry meals and matching cocktails? Who says you can’t do gritty, badass activities and feel like a queen?! On this trip in northern Washington, you’ll go whale watching, challenge yourself with a steep day hike on Orcas Island, and feel like an outdoors VIP with a winery experience and fully-planned itinerary.

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