About Us

Explorer Chick offers active adventure travels and tours for women of all ages and experience levels. Check off your travel bucket list, enjoy a weekend getaway, or try something new on a day trip near you. From exciting itineraries with attention to the smallest detail to our supportive, adventure-loving community—we strive to make every Explorer Chick trip a positive and memorable experience. Our small group tours are perfect for solo female travelers, exciting girlfriend getaways, and anyone looking to expand her Tribe. Read the full Explorer Chick Story here.

“The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends.”
– Shirley MacLaine

Our Mission

The mission for Explorer Chick is simple: IMPACT. There’s magic in traveling with friends and strangers to new parts of the world experiencing challenging adventures and unfamiliar cultures that leaves a lasting, permanent footprint on the heart, soul, and mind. Without fail, Explorer Chicks return home from their Adventure changed. Changed how? It’s unpredictable, but absolutely unmistakable the instant it happens.

Why just women?

Who cares if your pedicure has chipped or if your hair is a disheveled mess from the salt water? Leave behind your morning routine with the hair dryer and mascara. Toss aside the pinching high heels and control tops. Embrace your inner human. Yes, you are woman. ROAR! Be silly. Act a fool. Let out your inner child that has been dying to get out and PLAY! Only when we strip away the expectations, routines, and demands can we truly discover the strong, original, and powerful woman who resides within.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower women in the outdoors with exciting itineraries, a supportive community, uncommon travel experiences, and endless SHE-nanigans.

"What an amazing experience! The trip began on Fremont at the Golden Nugget. The first night is dinner on the strip with your group. For my tour, the first night's meal was located at a nearby steakhouse. Friday morning, our group headed out to Red Rock Canyon for rock climbing and a zip line run. Red Rock Canyon is the best hidden secret of the Las Vegas area. Roughly 30 minutes from the strip, it is complete silence and peace. Our group headed back to Fremont for a mexican dinner Friday night with an early start Saturday morning for our trip out to launch kayaks from the Hoover Dam. The overnight kayak trip consisted of tandem kayak rides on the Colorado, with stops for hiking, climbing, and an overnight camp near hot springs. Sunday morning and afternoon consisted of more kayaking and a stop for lunch along the Colorado River. I recommend this trip if you are a moderately experienced hiker and kayaker. I don't feel like a tremendous amount of experience is needed but some basic knowledge of kayaking will make the trip less stressful. Experience with all day hikes, such as the type of shoes and clothing needed, is good knowledge to have. I burn easily and the sun was intense the entire time. Hats and sunscreen are a must for this trip. Long sleeves and long yoga or exercise pants may be needed if you burn easily. You cannot be afraid of getting wet, getting dirty, or trying new things if you go on this trip!! Everything from a fancy night out on the strip, to rock climbing, zip lining, hiking, kayaking and tent camping is included. Our guides made the trip a special experience by providing their guidance and knowledge along the way. I learned how to steer a tandem kayak (first time in a tandem!) and how to scale a rock climbing wall (climbing up and down). If you are interested in experiencing a different side of Las Vegas and want to challenge yourself in the process, this trip is for you!"

– Merritt
Trip: (Women’s Las Vegas Weekend Trip Adventure)

"Just finished this trip with a group of my now friends, 6 ladies who provided support, encouragement, and laughs for 4 days while exploring in and around Las Vegas. Our EC guide Ashley was everything a guide should be- organized, friendly, humble, supportive and accommodating. She has a wealth of experience and kept everything on track and perfect for us all weekend. Our local outfitters were also awesome partners on this trip. This trip was beautiful, challenging, and fulfilling. The kayaking is no joke- it’s 12.5 miles over 2 days, sometimes in a headwind. The rock climbing they can make as beginner friendly or advanced as your level so don’t be afraid. All the food was amazing both going out and on the water. You will not go hungry! Please take this trip or any trip from EC to grow, challenge yourself, meet new friends and experience the power of an all female experience!"

– Katrina Jones
Trip: (Women’s Las Vegas Weekend Trip Adventure)

"Will someone tell Baloo from The Jungle Book that I looked under the rocks and plants and tasted the fancy ants (termites)? My trip to Belize was a chance to live out some of my favorite childhood movies (and movies I've seen as an adult that my inner child approved of). I also found Dory. Oh yeah, that line where the sky meets the sea? You guessed it. I learned how to sail a kayak toward it while I snorkeled with sharks, rays, and 500 year old coral. Belize City was surprisingly easy to fly into and navigate customs as well as getting transportation to and from the rendezvous hotel. Our local guide as well as our Explorer Chick guide made me feel safe, well prepared, and excited to explore the diverse landscape of Belize. Unfortunately, travel insurance doesn't cover the piece of my heart that I left in Belize. Guess I'll have to go back!"

– Amber Dalzell
Trip: (Belize Jungle + Island Glamping Adventure Tour)

"I had a lot of fun on this kayaking nature tour. The water was very calm (no power boats allowed), we saw a blue heron, some ducks, some ladies saw turtles. Kayaking was very easy - the kayaks are stable, we were instructed how to get in, get out, and paddle. I expected a more in depth "nature tour", but it was basically "keep an eye out for blue heron and turtles", plus a brief explanation of the reservoir and local rivers. Overall super relaxing and fun day on the water with awesome chicks! "

– Megan
Trip: (Private: Baltimore Kayak Nature Tour)

"I honestly don't believe that I can leave a review that will do justice to the amazing trip that I just finished. I am spoiled for any other travel agencies. Our guide, Anna, was amazing. I wrote in my notes on the trip that she embodied the vibrant energy of youth - tempered with the wise patience of an old soul. She was amazing. Slovenia is a country that had not hit my radar until recently, but the image from Lake Bled had occasionally rotated through my various screen savers over the years. Do yourself a favor - google Slovenia and understand that the pictures do not begin to capture the unreal aquas of the water, the beautiful coral of an alpine sunset, or the plum purples of a cabernet in wine country. You literally get it all with this trip - multi-sport is an understatement. The excitement of rotating through multiple adventures was well balanced with educational programs and other events that included the use of wild flowers, a touch history, and truly joyful meals. I went solo and was a tad nervous, but this trip was truly life changing. The ladies I met were incredible, and I haven't laughed so hard in at least a decade. The entire experience breathed new life into what was seeming like a claustrophobic existence, and has given me renewed energy and vitality. I am looking forward to my next trip."

– Deidre Lockhart
Trip: (Slovenia Hiking Hut to Hut, Julian Alps, Lake Bled, and Wine Country)

"I would love to do this as well unfortunately it is my one Saturday a month to work. Please plan another one!"

– Brittany Simmons
Trip: (Yoga, Meditation + Journaling in Chillicothe OH)

"I highly recommend this trip! It was a new and outstanding experience each day of the trip. Our guides, Lauren and Kirstie, were amazing, extremely knowledgeable and guided us towards the best scenery and experiences. Saw so much wildlife and natural beauty. Met an amazing group of women and shared a fantastic experience together!"

– Bonnie
Trip: (Best of Yellowstone Tour + Grand Teton Hiking)

"I highly recommend the Best of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons trip with the Explorer Chicks! We had an awesome, action-packed trip to one of the most beautiful regions in the United States and got to have so many cool experiences like seeing bears, wolves, and bison in the wild, horseback riding in the back country, seeing the geysers erupt, and enjoying the lovely hot springs. This amazing group of women was led by two knowledgeable and supportive guides, Kirsty and Lauren! Well worth the time and money for an unforgettable experience! Thank you, Explorer Chicks!"

– Julia
Trip: (Best of Yellowstone Tour + Grand Teton Hiking)

"I’ve been having an internal struggle of faith and trust. What a way to gain both! Crossing from one rock to another after a chimney climb took some courage, but mainly trust in Martin…our guide and belayer. The faith came believing the guides I would be safe crawling over, under, or through rocks. Cheers from the gals below was overwhelmingly uplifting too!"

– Jamie Korn
Trip: (Hocking Hills Rock Scrambling + Climbing)

"This trip is amazing, relaxing ,and empowering. If you ever want to do something new, Try it. Sunshine, was perfect."

– Samantha Uhas-Johnson
Trip: (Private: Chattanooga SUP + Sip)

"So I wasn't on the trip but we meet them on May 2nd 2021 at the top of Ice Water Spring Shelter. What a great and fun loving group! They even had 3 different wines and a charcuterie board which they shared with the other hikers that stopped by. Finding trail magic in town or at road crossings is one thing but finding it on top of a mountain with a beautiful view is something else! The two leaders were energetic and passionate about their duties. I would highly recommended this trip. They all seemed to be having a wonderful time."

– Dave A
Trip: (Women’s Great Smoky Mountains Hiking and Glamping Weekend)

"This sounds so awesome! I can’t make this one, but hope you do a repeat or something similar ♥️"

– Kristy Russell
Trip: (Yoga, Meditation + Journaling in Chillicothe OH)

"I did this trip with a few of my friends and it was awesome. The trip was well organized and the guides Cassie and Erin are the BEST. Definitely train for this trip as it can be challenging but so worth it. The views were breathtaking and the glamping grounds inviting."

Trip: (Women’s Great Smoky Mountains Hiking and Glamping Weekend)

"I originally signed up for this trip to satisfy the Wanderlust I had developed over Covid times. I ended up coming away with so much more than that. I have been reflecting on this since the trip ended (about 36 hours ago) and every time I think about all I have gained I start to tear up. I got to experience amazing hikes that were iconic, gorgeous and challenging. I got to learn skills from our knowledgeable host and guide (Dina - amazing person!) that I know will be building on for years to come. I got to learn self protection skills that were relatable and actionable in my everyday life and lastly but most importantly I got to connect with a group of women and get to know them and their stories very well over the few days we were there together. I really feel that we were all meant to be there together, to learn from each other and support each other. Kimberly was our guide and she was just amazing. I find her so inspiring and she was such an energetic, positive, motivating and hilarious force throughout the whole weekend. This will be my first of many trips with Explorer Chick :-)"

– Lana Jacobsen
Trip: (Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia)

"Our fat tire bike tour was April 24th! Jocelyn, Tommy and Carole were amazing guides! The trail was perfect, with bits of challenges. I had not been on a bike in over 20 years. The saying "Just like Riding a Bike" is true. It comes right back to ya once you get back on a bike. Loved the historical bits provided by Tommy. I highly recommend this trip!"

– Carrie Warren
Trip: (Private: Fat Tire Bike Tour in Scottsdale)

"VEGAS 2021- What an amazing trip this was. My 2 daughters and I decided to get away and try something new. we were a little hesitant about working with a group to plan the trip and being around other women from different parts of the country as the Pandemic still raging. The entire trip from the first HELLO to the last teary Goodbye was amazing. many little extras thrown in to make this an absolute "once in a lifetime" adventure. Our GUIDE-Cassie, was so happy and positive, her adventurous spirit showed at all times. being new at these adventures we were a little hesitant but the guides made us feel like pro rock climbers, kayakers, campers, and hot spring seekers!! would recommend 1000% for a first trip."

– joan e Cunningham
Trip: (Women’s Las Vegas Weekend Trip Adventure)

"This was my first Explorer Chick adventure, and it did not disappoint! We had the most amazing guide, Kirstie! Everything was methodically planned and she kept us entertained and engaged! I spent 4 days, 3 nights and 30 “Grand Canyon” miles (that is what we started calling them) with 5 amazing women! We talked, laughed, shared stories, and worked our asses off hiking the Canyon! The scenery was unreal, and dipping our toes in the Colorado River was such a satisfying experience after making it to the bottom of the Canyon! The 4 days challenged me both physically and mentally and is an experience I will never forget. So many great memories will live on from this adventure with Explore Chicks. I am profoundly grateful for the experience and cannot wait to try another adventure! It was a much needed escape from the bustle of everyday life."

– April Prill
Trip: (Grand Canyon Backpacking Weekend)

"The most epic adventure trip I’ve ever been on! Having something extremely fun every single day. It had gals with different physical shape and body sizes and everyone did great! Lots of rock scrambling and so many hot springs to soak in! This is by far one of the best trips I think they offer! It’s so nice to know your food was all paid for ahead of time, and never worried about spending more money. The camping food from dinner to breakfast felt gourmet and the restaurants were DELICIOUS!!!"

– Sarah Jessen
Trip: (Women’s Las Vegas Weekend Trip Adventure)

"Woot woot! We're so happy you LOVED your Moab weekend hiking trip with stories to tell for days. Cheers to more boundless adventures!"

– Nicki
Trip: (Arches and Moab National Parks Hiking Weekend)

"Everything about the Moab weekend was amazing - the company, the food prepared by the guides, the hiking (challenging but rewarding), and the condo (cozy and fully stocked). I didn't want to go back home! And I want to bring more friends on more Explorer Chick trips! I miss the crew already!"

– Laurie Fontenot
Trip: (Arches and Moab National Parks Hiking Weekend)

"I had never travelled with Explorer Chick Adventure Company before. I wasn't sure if I was fit enough but I love outdoor winter adventures so I decided to take a chance. I loved it! My "50-year old fit" was definitely good enough to have fun and participate in all the activities. The women I met were wonderful and Kim took care of every need we had. I appreciated being able to just "show up" each day, knowing Kim had reserved, booked, or packed what we needed. WV was so snowy and beautiful. I've told my family and friends it is an area we have to go back and visit. I have already booked my second Explorer Chick trip for May 2021 in Utah and can't wait to have another adventure with this company!"

– Tammy Liebenauer
Trip: (Canaan Valley WV Winter Weekend)

"I couldn't have asked for more on this trip! Our fantastic guide and every person made this trip fun...even when it was freezing rain and windy! The area was a true, beautiful 'winter wonderland' that I am very glad I checked out. It was very empowering and refreshing to meet up with a group of women I've never met before and have an enjoyable weekend with them trying new things and eating good food. I hope for many more trips to come with this group."

– Monica Nott
Trip: (Canaan Valley WV Winter Weekend)

"WOW! A simply amazing adventure to the Red River Gorge last weekend. Lauren is a fantastic guide with extensive knowledge of backpacking and the Gorge. I met eight ladies, from various states, who quickly became adventure buddies. The weekend was filled with hiking, talking, laughing, and of course more hiking. My only wish....it would last longer. Definitely a recommeded adventure."

– Jessica F.
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"Stepped outside of my comfort zone and pushed my limits a bit this weekend. Backpacked and camped with seven women in Red River Gorge at Gray’s Arch in Kentucky — all of us solo adventurers. We hiked 4 miles into camp and 1 mile out with all our gear. Before heading our separate ways, we did a day hike to the Natural Bridge and concluded with a celebratory lunch. What a great experience with wonderful women. Huge thank you to Explorer Chicks and our guide Kirstie for the fab weekend. Looking forward to another adventure soon!"

– Tricia
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"Easy doesn’t change you. 25 miles later, a bear spotting and lots of blisters and sore muscles, I did it! My goal for my 30th was to do a solo trip while doing something new and challenging and this past weekend I did that! I can say without a doubt that this weekend has been the best adventure ever. I have learned so much about myself while also being able to meet amazing, strong women who shared their stories with me and motivated me all weekend on our hikes! Thank you to all the wonderful new friends I met this weekend, can’t wait until our next adventure!"

– Brandie
Trip: (Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia)

"The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience. I made 10 more FABULOUS new “frainds” and couldn't have asked for a better setting- Dina (my idol!) taught us the basics of survival and helped us build an incredible confidence in our ability to make it on our own in both good and bad situations in the great wild. I can't wait to practice all of my new skills for my next adventure and I'm already on the waitlist for NOLS Wilderness First Aid class in November with REI."

– Kristen
Trip: (Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia)

"What an amazing trip!!! It was an adventure of a lifetime and I’m so thankful for Liz for bringing me along! I think we both needed this trip for sure!! Thank you to @explorerchickadventureco for the wonderful opportunity to meet some awesome women and for challenges I never knew I needed! Looking forward to the next adventure!"

– Jessica
Trip: (Arches and Moab National Parks Hiking Weekend)

"Day 4 in Moab and we're almost done :( But quite a day today! After our ~12+ mile hike yesterday, when I found out today's was "only" 5.2 miles, I thought : ah, a recovery hike! Then I found out it's the steepest trail in Canyonlands National Park. The Gooseberry Trail drops over 1000 feet in less than a mile. Do you see that white rimmed canyon in pic 1? That's where we hiked to. Pic 2 is what the trail looked like most of the way down. Going down was definitely fear-of-heights inducing, but going back up just plain sucked. I have eaten ice cream TWICE today, because I deserve it after that. However, the group - which I dubbed the 'Goosey Gang' because I think I am very clever - rocked it. And of course, some great pics. We also spent the morning at Dead Horse Point to catch the sunrise!"

– Carleigh
Trip: (Arches and Moab National Parks Hiking Weekend)

"I don’t even have words to describe how much this amazing group of women, who were complete strangers to me last week, mean to me. In a matter of hours, others would assume we were all friends who have traveled together for years. The laughs, the talks, the support, and the pure fun can’t even begin to touch any other travel experience I’ve ever had. Our guides were two of the most phenomenal women I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, and hope I get to travel with them both again in the future. If you have a gypsy soul, and love adventures, I can not recommend Explorer Chick enough. Seriously the best four days of my year, hands down!"

– Liz
Trip: (Arches and Moab National Parks Hiking Weekend)

"This adventure gave me more than I could ever imagine. Strength, courage, friendship, respect, empathy and more laughs than I can count. These women bring a whole new meaning to love and risk-taking, and I could not be more proud of them all."

– Rose
Trip: (Yosemite Half Dome Hike + Backpacking)

"West Virginia Wild 2020-amazing trip, fun, relax, laughter, real sisterhood! We empowered each other this weekend- On to next year! Love you ladies!"

– Kristi
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"This was my first adventure with the Explorer Chicks. I was not disappointed! Between all the different backgrounds, ages and abilities, this group of women worriers are who you want to spend a long weekend with refueling your wild side. Dealing with a soggy campground upon arrival from much rainfall, it was a matter of minutes that total strangers were coming over to help set our tents up to get the shenani-gans underway. I had no idea what to expect so packing was uncertain. Know this, there is NO electricity so don't pack a 50' extension cord. No water at your primitive camp site so bring it. But lovely utility sinks at shower houses, which has plenty of hot water for sinks and showers to wash dishes or a dirty body. Flashlights or headlamps are a must because the glorious stars are not enough light to see your way to the restrooms at night. Bring a canopy if you own one. Its awesome to chill under between adventures and out of the hot sun or falling rain. All excursions are wonderful says everyone who has ever done one. I brought my own kayaks/paddle-board to venture out on Summerville lake and was blown away on its distinguished cliffs, waterfalls and caves. If I were to pass along words of wisdom...bring accelerants for fire starting. A hot fire melts chocolate faster and browns a marshmallow perfectly. I highly recommend this trip, and surrounding yourself with like minded adventurous women always does the soul good."

– Shannon Barhorst
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"Yeah, we did that! Believe me, the Lower Gauley River was no slouch. We tackled 26 rapids, 5 of which were rated Class 5! . Our raft were the only ones to ace the toughest 5er, Heaven's Gate- right down the middle, baby!"

– Julie
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"Spent an *AMAZING* winter West Virginia weekend at Blackwater Falls and the Canaan Valley with 12 badass women xc skiing, sledding, snow shoeing, hiking, and dancing."

– Lauren
Trip: (Canaan Valley WV Winter Weekend)

"Just back from Patagonia - WOW!!!! Fantastically beautiful country, and I experienced so much more than I imagined: trekking on a glacier, traversing a Via Ferrata, hiking in postcard-worthy scenery at all times, and seeing condors, a puma (!) and chilean flamingos! You gotta work hard for those views, but it is worth it! Thank you, EC, for pushing my physical, emotional and mental boundaries!"

– Meg Bostrom
Trip: (Private: Patagonia Hiking & Multi-Sport Adventure)

"This trip was awesome! I learned so much and had a blast. We had some beautiful fall weather. Even though there was a fire ban due to the dryness of the landscape, our guide made sure we had "fire" and s'mores. She really went the extra mile to make the trip informative and enjoyable for everyone!"

– Melissa
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"What a wonderful experience. Not only the opportunity to learn about the phenomenal chimpanzee sanctuary for retired chimps who had been "used" for experimental purposes but the chance to meet, share and work along side such an awesome group of women. Kimberly Glock was our Explorer Chick Ambassador and I loved her. She is such an inspiring individual. I have been scouring the Explorer Chick website to plan my next adventure."

– Joanie Baker
Trip: (Private: Georgia Chimpanzee Sanctuary Experience)

"I’m a shy person, had never really climbed before and so was very nervous, but wanted to try this mini-trip for a new experience! Our group was very supportive, friendly and fun as were our climbing guides and ambassador Sarah. I’m glad I decided to take a risk and go outside of my comfort zone. It was a lot of fun to see women encouraging each other! :)"

– Emily V
Trip: (Private: Maryland Appalachian Trail Trek & Rock Climb)

"This mini was well organized, challenging, and so much fun!! The guides were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable; and our EC ambassador was funny and was simply the “icing on the cake”, loved her so much. I look forward to the next adventure. Thank you!"

– Judy Bennett
Trip: (Private: Maryland Appalachian Trail Trek & Rock Climb)

"This overnight is SO MUCH FUN! You learn so much about the programs at the Cincinnati Zoo while bonding with other like minded, adventurous, and wonderful women! You also can't beat having some s'mores by a campfire! We had the best time ever!"

– Jessie Niehaus
Trip: (Private: Cincinnati Zoo Africa Slumber Party)

"I cannot even begin to describe how the Virginia hiking and survival 101 experience exceeded my expectations. I was incredibly impressed with the efficiency and timeliness of each day of the trip as a means of maximizing all activities. You could tell that our guide, Becca, really took everyone’s goals for the trip to heart and did whatever she could to assist us. Everything from the brewery outing to the survival school training with Dina was impeccable. My favorite trips are ones in which I stay active and learn new things. This was the perfect trip for that! I plan to practice what I learned from the trip (both personally and practically) to continue to fuel the flame of confidence ignited by the whole 4 days. Lastly, I am so appreciative of the other explorer chicks that were part of this experience. Talk about a group of incredibly intelligent, hard-working, and badass women! It was wonderful to share and discuss life experiences, have a laugh, and take in the world around us all while hiking to and from some of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Thank you Explorer Chicks for what you do for women each and every day!! Love, Celeste"

– Celeste Hollensead
Trip: (Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia)

"First trip w/ Explorer Chick and was outstanding!! The only thing I would've done differently is actually train more. Jenn and Lauren were excellent guides. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone thinking about going. I flew into the Knoxville airport, rented a car and drove to the campsite. Easy airport to get in and out. Prior to trip, good communication. Answered all my questions in a timely manner. Good experience all around."

– Kristen
Trip: (Women’s Great Smoky Mountains Hiking and Glamping Weekend)

"I have been on two fabulous adventures with Explorer Chick Adventure Co.; both the Red River Gorge and West Virginia trips were amazing! Thanks to these trips, I achieved my goals of learning how to camp and backpack. Plus, I made some new friends along the way. I now feel more competent and confident to go on any outdoor adventure. I would highly recommend any adventure they offer. Go and change your life!"

– Kelly K.
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"Vegas April 2019 - Loved, loved loved it! Many thanks to our guide/leader/spiritual adviser/confidant, Jaime for making this experience enjoyable and fuss-free. It was wonderful to meet and share this adventure with such a variety of strong, independent, "bold", sweet souls. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be introduced/participate in places and things that I never would have on my own. This outing made me feel so alive and free. Life is good, and I want more!"

– Jodi B
Trip: (Women’s Las Vegas Weekend Trip Adventure)

"Vegas vacation was .... absolutely fantastic experience! It was an adventure from start to finish. Women on the trip came there for different reasons and had different backgrounds, but the group dynamics was great. Every day we pushed own limits with climbing red rock canyon rappelling, peddling against 15 mph winds, hiking hidden trails, and through it all there was support and encouragement for each other... Jamie- our guide - you are the best! Thank you Explorer Chick for creating this adventure for me!"

– Inna C
Trip: (Women’s Las Vegas Weekend Trip Adventure)

"I just got back from Baja, and it was perfection, I literally wouldn’t change a thing, staying on a boat that felt like home, being around women that felt like family, it was truly amazing. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation."

– Shanna
Trip: (Baja Out to Sea Adventure Cruise)

"I just want to take a second to shout from the rooftops about my Baja boat family. These women bonded instantly through surf, freediving, and SCUBA lessons; heartfelt conversations held on the bow of a boat, on the beach, in kayaks, and in hot springs after dark; trying new foods (like the triggerfish ceviche Emily caught with a plastic bottle, monofilament line, and hamburger!); and in sharing the most unforgettable journey together. My life is richer for having spent time with them, and it just shows the pure power of Explorer Chick Adventure Co. trips."

– Lauren
Trip: (Baja Out to Sea Adventure Cruise)

"Joined my tribe of Explorer Chicks in Hocking Hills Ohio last weekend. We showed up layered and pumped to climb, hike, and rappel in an amazing space. I haven’t made friends so quickly since kindergarten!!!!!"

– Valarie H.
Trip: (Hocking Hills Rappelling Adventure)

"Winter wonderland weekend in wild, wonderful West Virginia. I’m no longer a snowshoeing and cross-country skiing newbie. From 10 inches of snow on Friday to 60 degrees today—life is good!"

– Sarah
Trip: (Canaan Valley WV Winter Weekend)

"Made it! After four days of hiking 42km through the Andes mountains on the Inca Trail, we finally walked through the Sun Gate and into Machu Picchu. Such an incredible experience with ten amazing women, and absolutely worth every step."

– Trevi
Trip: (Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu Adventure)

"I had the most fun I had all year with a great group of wacky women. Danced my ass off at the clubhouse Saturday night after amazing rafting. Can not wait to do it all again."

– Cheryl Chambers
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"Absolutely loved my first adventure. Climbed higher than I anticipated and loved starting new friendships with amazing women. The trip was so well organized. I’m hooked and looking forward to picking my next adventure."

– Kimberly Hauser
Trip: (Private: Tree Climbing + Forest Bathing in Kentucky)

"Wow, what an adventure! With the help of Guide Becca and Icelandic guide Tinna, we had a blast. Lots of walking, some climbing and kayaking. Food was plentiful and home made by the guides. Hostels were clean and comfortable, and the bus we got around on was big enough for comfort and small enough for speed. We saw the lights on our last night out and it was truly spectacular. In some locations, the wind can be brutally cold and very high. We encountered 80 mph gusts in a few places. Check the weather leading up to your departure- most of us were surprised it was warmer than where we live in the states. It is VERY wet , so make sure your gear is waterproof. Every hostel had hair dryers but bring your own shampoo/ conditioner and make sure you have any Over the Counter items you need, because the pharmacies , like everything, are pricey! With yoga pants, sweater and boots you will be dressed up enough for anything in the city. It's a casual place with very friendly people. While the trip is 'easy to moderate' the walking is never level, there are lots of hills, so girls, check your cardio fitness. I wish I had!! LOL"

– Meg Hughes
Trip: (Iceland Glaciers and Hot Springs Winter Adventure)

"As soon as the Kentucky highway turned into Mountain Parkway, I knew this was going to be amazing. The ride up into the mountains eventually turns to a winding gravel road and a wooden state park sign welcomes you to Backcountry Camping~pure magic. Our guide, Hannah, greeted us warmly with Explorer Chick swag , showed us how to minimize our pack, pack it properly and ensure a comfortable fit. She was knowledgeable, patient, and supportive every step of the way and taught us So many valuable gear and trail tips. I can't say enough about what a great opportunity this was, if you have Any interest in backpacking, take this workshop, there isn't a better way to start out."

– Kristen
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"I would not have changed one single thing about our week in Peru. It was just the right mix of challenging and fun. Every day was packed full of new adventure and I was able to truly be present in every moment. The shaman blessing was a unique experience I will never forget. Of course, who you travel WITH is as important as where you travel TO, and our group of 11 fearless ladies shared something amazing. These views are ones you have to work for, but they are worth every step."

– Lisa Ventrella
Trip: (Machu Picchu + Rainbow Mountain Adventure)

"Hannah did an amazing job leading our Backpacking Basics trip in Red River Gorge. You want challenge? You want to learn? You want to have fun doing it? You'll find it here! Our group was diverse in age, experience, occupation and city of origin, but were all so positive, funny and supportive. Because of that support, we persevered and overcame all the trail could throw our way, and we had an amazing time. Go beyond what you ever thought you could- be an Explorer Chick!"

– Julie Z.
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"It was a ton of fun! The behind the scenes tour was interesting and we got to see a lot of animals up close. It was well organized and we had everything we needed to make our overnight adventure the best."

– Patricia Jodrey
Trip: (Private: Cincinnati Zoo Africa Slumber Party)

"This trip was awesome! Every hike brought you to the most spectacular view, the women were so fun and encouraging, survival school taught me so many great things.... I could go on and on. Take the leap and book that trip ladies! You will not be disappointed."

– Carrie Hamelink
Trip: (Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia)

"Well Nicki and Explorer Chick have done it again. Great trip to Virginia for hiking and survival training. The group was lively and fun, ranging in age from young chicks to the more experienced variety. Beautiful hikes through the mountains and part of the Appalachian Trail and the bonus hike on Cascade Falls. Survival training was great. Learned a lot about knots, signaling, shelter, first aid and PMA. The positive mental attitude is the most important of the seven survival priorities and Explorer Chicks are the epitome of PMA. Outstanding weather made the mountaintop views even more amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks Nicki and Explorer Chicks. You Rock! Literally LOL"

– Theresa
Trip: (Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia)

"This was my first EC mini, and it was so much fun! Everyone cheered each other on, and there was laughter all night long as all of us newbies climbed and fell time and again. We learned to stage cool photos (like climbing glamour shots, and making it look like we were way up higher than we actually were) and everyone seemed to have a really good time. I can't wait to try climbing again!"

– Karen S.
Trip: (Private: Indoor Bouldering in Cincy)

"After much stalking of the the EC trips and excursions, the Wild Weekend in West Virginia was my first adventure with Nicki. It did not disappoint! My sister in law and I loaded up her jeep and made the rather short and scenic drive down to ACE Adventure Resort and were ecstatic from the start. Everyone seemed to get along wonderfully, we made new friends immediately, and everyone there was so funny and encouraging. Bonfires, the smore's-gasboard, delicious food, thrilling excursions, gorgeous scenery, and perfect weather abounded. I am so disappointed that I can't return this year, but if it takes place in 2019, I intend to do my best to fit it in my schedule! Wild was my first adventure with Explorer Chick, but it was not my last. I've done a mini, and I'm all booked to join Nicki and the other fabulous women this November in Cabarete!"

– Karen S.
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"I had an amazing trip with Explorer Chick in the Dominican Republic and can't recommend the company enough. From the ease of booking and the attention paid to my individual needs, to the time and effort put into curating exciting, challenging and memorable experiences, each part of this trip was well planned and executed. I have no doubt each adventure offered is equally fulfilling and fun."

– Randi
Trip: (Dominican Republic Beach Adventure Vacation)

"Explorer Chick Adventure put together a wonderful backpack trip at Red River Gorge. We had an awesome time, Nicki and Lynsey did such a great job organizing everything and teaching us the backpack basics. I can't wait for the next trip!!!"

– Erin S.
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"Guuuuuurl book that trip! ‍♀️ 2016 was a bit of a rough year for me and was filled with some big life changes. To say the least I was not in a good place. I happened to come across EC randomly on the app Meetup and quickly started checking out all the adventures. I had never been out of the country before so the Dominican trip immediately caught my eye. It took me a few days, but finally decided I needed to go on this trip. At first I was a little intimidated; I was a solo traveler on my first trip out of the country meeting up with women whom I’ve never met. But, the minute I arrived at the hotel and was greeted by a very enthusiastic Nicki that intimidation went away. This is the exact trip that I needed, and let me just say you’ll walk away feeling like such a complete BADASS!! My favorite part was probably the canyoning trip through Ciguapa Falls. It was a challenge and I loved it. I was sore the next day, but it was the good kind of sore. :) I left the Dominican with new friends and feeling so empowered. This was such a great start to my 2017, and made me completely forget about my crappy 2016. Since then I’ve been on the overnight backpacking workshop to red river gorge, and I can’t wait for more EC adventures in the future! "

– Abbey T.
Trip: (Dominican Republic Beach Adventure Vacation)

"My first EC experience was a meetup at Climb Time in Blue Ash. It was my first time rock climbing and it was a great experience. Then this past summer I had the pleasure of attending the EC WILD Weekend in West Virginia with 40+ other women. Nicki and Becca thought of everything and made sure everyone felt welcome, included, and comfortable. The trip first appealed to me because I didn't have to worry about researching and organizing anything. It was a great value for the all-inclusive price: 4 meals, cute commemorative tank top, full day whitewater rafting, access to the waterpark, 3 nights of camping with 'real' showers and bathrooms, inspirational speaker, campfires and smores-gasbord. Not to mention the beautiful sights, fun and exciting adventures, building new friendships, tons of laughs, and countless memories... priceless. Looking forward to many more EC adventures!"

– Cynthia R.
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"I traveled to Moab, UT in April 2017 - dirtbag camping Explorer Chick style! As the oldest in the group (53), I was nervous about keeping up. But every single woman was welcoming and supportive - genuine camaraderie right from the start. The week was filled with marvelous adventures, with each of us able to set our own pace and push our own boundaries - encouragement, not judgement. And when there was a hiccup or two (like 40 mph winds trying to blow the tents away), we deemed that part of the adventure. Were we lucky to have a great group of women? Absolutely. BUT, it wasn't just luck. Without question, Nicki and Becca set the tone from the start. They are loving and adventurous souls and their spirit is infectious. Thank you, sisters! I look forward to next time!"

– Meg B.
Trip: (Private: Moab Dirtbag Adventure)

"My trip to the Dominican Republic with the Explorer Chick Adventure CO. was INCREDIBLE!!! Nicki was a Rock Star!!! All the tours that were planned went off without a hitch and were an Experience of a lifetime. She really went above and beyond to make sure she had the Best tour operators/instructors, Badass adventures, delicious restaurants and an Awesome hotel so that we could have the BEST week ever. Every night she would prep you for the next day,so you were always very well prepared for the next adventure. It was so much fun being with a group of women encouraging and inspiring you throughout the week. I can't wait to go on my next Explorer Chick Adventure!!!"

– Cheryl J.
Trip: (Dominican Republic Beach Adventure Vacation)

"I had an awesome time with EC on the West Virginia Wild trip and the Smoky Mountain adventure!! Explorer Chick does not disappoint. So many awesome memories and friendships made."

– Carrie H.
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"To all women looking to be more bold, more adventurous and more encouraged, this is for you! I am 24 years old, traveled alone, and I joined Explorer Chick in April of 2017 on the Moab, UT trip and the trip changed my perspective about myself but changed how I wanted to better support myself and other women in back at home! First, the guidance and leadership of Nick and Becca was unbelievable. Not only were they accommodating, but respectful of each of the women's beliefs, boundaries, physical limitations and interests. They shared their experiences, their backgrounds and truly helped facilitate a connection with each of the attendees and the group as a whole. No matter what we were off doing we felt safe, encouraged, supported, and challenged during this trip. I can wholeheartedly say that I felt more self aware and invigorated on this trip that ANY other I've taken. To think that without relying on a man to lead and protect me we totally kicked butt and had a fantastic time doing so! I was so proud to have pushed myself to be there and be with those women, working through our challenges TOGETHER; all the while being able to take my shirt off when I got hot, pee in the bushes, and openly hand out tampons without making a man "uncomfortable". I encourage any women considering taking a trip with Explorer Chick to go for it! Reach out, ask questions and get started on your next adventure. XOXO -Past explorer and future supporter"

– Raschell W.
Trip: (Private: Moab Dirtbag Adventure)

"I went on a trip to Moab, UT this past April (2017). It was one of the best trips I have ever been on! I waned to explore the parks in Utah, but didn't feel confident doing it alone. I found Explorer Chick and am so glad I did. The whole trip was so much fun and we got to see and do so much. Nikki & Becca were the best guides I could've asked for and I had so much fun with the the other girls on the trip! I had such a great time that I am already booked on another trip next year and will definitely continue to travel with Explorer Chick in the future!"

– Sara G.
Trip: (Private: Moab Dirtbag Adventure)

"I've been on two trips so far with Explorer Chick Adventure Co (Backpacking in Red River Gorge, KY and a multitude of adventures at Wild! West Virginia) and have the Baja Mexico trip coming up this January! I can't speak praise high enough for this wonderful company and its fearless leader. All trips have been beyond expectations, pushed my boundaries, and made me into a more comfortable woman claiming outdoor adventure as a way of life I love! Perhaps best of all are the friendships I have created with the women I have met on these adventures. Great company!!"

– Jamie J.
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"I got to go on the DR trip back in March 2017 and I had the time of my life. Were surfing and waterfall jumping is so much fun that you want to do it over and over again.. I not only made new friends I pushed myself to do things I would have never done by myself. I have a great group of women there to help each other, I had an awesome person who was in charge of making sure everyone was happy and encouraging everyone to have fun. Nikki’s is an amazing lady and a great person who I call a friend. I’m planning on going on another trip in the future."

– Julie K.
Trip: (Dominican Republic Beach Adventure Vacation)

"I’ve traveled with Explorer Chick and attended local ‘mini’ adventures! I’ve gone rock climbing, backpacking, zip lining, and done aerial silks. Every experience has been an awesome, positive adventure! Nicki does an awesome job organizing the trips and is personable and knowledgeable! She had all the details worked out, especially on the backpacking workshop where we borrowed gear, and she provided all the food (except snacks). All the women I’ve met have been very cool and I highly recommend EC to any woman looking to try new things!"

– Bailey U.
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"So much fun. I’ll be back next year. Met a great bunch of women of every variety. Truly appreciate all the support from the repelling and climbing gang Sunday morning. I was terrified but everyone cheered me on and helped me conquer my fears. I may not jump at the chance to do it again but I can at least say I did it once. Being in the front of the raft is a blast. Literally. Blasted with water on every rapid so refreshing. SUP quite the challenge going up river and fighting the current. Beautiful day and lots of fun paddling no where fast. Think I might stick to lake SUP for a while. Got really good at getting back on the board after falling off a few times."

– Theresa L.
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"Amazing adventure and so happy to have been amongst this wonderful, bad ass group of ladies!!! Nicki is an incredible tour leader/inspiration/“cheerleader”/hostest with mostest who not only embarked on this incredible journey with us but ensured we had the best experience as possible! It is soooooo nice to have had “Explorer Chick” to organize a memorable adventure such as this so we could simply enjoy all the different activities for the week! Words cannot convey how impactful this trip was for me personally. I experienced so many “firsts” and all I can think about is what other “firsts” still await in my future! Thank-you again to Nicki, Explorer Chick, Extreme Hotel, and the many adventure partnerships you have flourished for future adventurers!!! Watch out because I know I will be back!!!!"

– Heather G.
Trip: (Dominican Republic Beach Adventure Vacation)

"This weekend was Ahhhhmazzzzing! ! Perfect weather in Red River Gorge KY with my inspiring friend Rosie, joining a group of remarkable women from all over the country to learn backpacking with Explorer Chick! A much needed reset awaited me and it did not disappoint. Gorgeous scenery everywhere. Got lost in nature's splendor. I left with such an appreciation for things I so often take for granted. Two at the top of the list - my body's capabilities and a hot scrubby shower followed by a luxurious bubble bath when I got home. :wink:"

– Holly
Trip: (Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop)

"I went on the Virginia survival trip in June 2017 and had the best time! I had not gone on a trip since having my son and being able to hang out with such a diverse group of women was a renewing experience. The trip was well organized, the hikes were beautiful and the partnership with the survival school was a one in a kind experience. Being able to bond with women from all over the country with different life experiences was more than I expected or hoped for in this trip...as well as eating some delicious bugs!"

– Kristin W.
Trip: (Wilderness Survival Training + Hiking in Virginia)

"This was the absolute most amazing trip of my LIFE!!! All the women, adventures and scenery will forever be in my heart and mind as a weekend to never forget! Thank you Nikki for starting something that brings women from all across the United States together to celebrate, encourage and support the wild wonderer in us all. The rafting was so much fun and the day couldn’t have been more perfect with the bright sun shinning and a little breeze as the rapid splashed up in my face haha. Kayaking was so relaxing, gliding underneath the waterfalls and swimming in the cool water by the rocks. If you have never gone ziplining I highly recommend! Nothing like jumping off the edge into the sky and flying across the rock valley underneath upside down feeling like spiderman To any woman questioning whether she has the time, money or if this trip is worth doing….YES IT IS!! DON’T HESITATE!! Plan, save and show up ready to experience a once in a lifetime adventure. xoxo v."

– Veronica
Trip: (West Virginia Wild Weekend)

"Well worth it. I’m so glad I went on this trip. I was a little nervous about whether or not I could keep up with everyone. It was an exciting and challenging adventure and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Made new friends, ate new foods and learned a lot about myself. So much better than a boring all inclusive resort."

– Theresa L.
Trip: (Dominican Republic Beach Adventure Vacation)

"Goodbye DR, it was as incredible and beautiful as I had hoped it would be! What a great group of ladies who I now have the privilege to call friends. Love you ladies! #explorerchicks"

– Melissa
Trip: (Dominican Republic Beach Adventure Vacation)

Our Trips

Explorer Chick trips are always women-only and always an adventure. We pride ourselves in curating trips for women who live an active, healthy lifestyle . What this means is we tackle the big climbs, the long trails, the bucket lists, and the uncomfortable. We don’t hold back! Life is best lived vibrantly, actively, and in motion. Explorer Chicks go home with scrapes, bruises, sore muscles, a little extra dirt, a whole lotta grit, incredible stories, and a smile.

Explorer Chick itineraries are proudly never etched in stone. We’re dynamic, curious, and adventurous just like you. We flex and we flow. We are explorers and sometimes that means taking the unchartered side trail. Sometimes it means hiking a few extra miles to see what’s around the next corner. Sometimes it means a group vote to change our adventure for something new. Sometimes it means spending an extra day somewhere because it left us enchanted.

We can do this because we limit our group size and extensively research and experience our destinations. Smaller groups allow us to play according to your group’s dynamics. Never are you just a seat number diluted among a bus load of other travelers. You deserve an experience, not a regimented schedule! Travel how you dream! Trek like a local!

We promise hysterical laughing, unladylike behavior, strings of cuss words, and happy exhaustive fatigue on all of our adventures.

Every Explorer Chick trip is led by at least one experienced Explorer Chick guide whose prime responsibility is to ensure your vacation runs smoothly, safely, and joyously. She is with you guiding your trip and working in the background ironing out details leaving you the only chore of mindless wandering.

We do work with third party guides when adventures are beyond our expertise. We develop strong relationships with them to create a better experience for you. Whether they are surf instructors, hotel managers, local guides, drivers, or rafting guides, you can be assured that we have spent our time selecting only the best operators that share our vision of outdoor adventure, safety, and service.

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