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Your travel bucket list: All the places you want to go and all the things you want to see and do there before you kick it. Whether your list is brand-spankin’ new or almost complete, we’ve got you covered. So apply for that passport (or find an empty page) and get ready for your next adventure of a lifetime.

What can we say? We’ve got incredible trips waiting for you in some of the world’s most incredible destinations including South America, Europe, Asia—and right here in North America.

Ride a camel through the Jordanian desert, spend the night in colorful rorbu cabins in Norway, explore Mayan ruins in jungles of Belize, roam the rugged highlands of Scotland, ride to your dinner on horseback in Yellowstone, meet a tortoise in the Galapagos Islands, backcountry camp under the stars in Grand Canyon, or follow in the footsteps of the ancient Incans. Look, we don’t care if you’re a globe-trotting guru or adventuring newbie—come play with us!

Your Explorer Chick Dream Team provides expert-led guided tours with some of the best female outdoor guides in the business. Sure, we take care of those pesky travel details like entrance fees, equipment, meals and lodging. But that bonding that happens around the campfire at night? The friendships forged while toughing it out on the trail? Those famous Explorer Chick SHE-nanigans? All we can say is once you travel with us, you get it.

Where to Get Adventure Ideas

Not sure what exactly is on YOUR bucket list? (Does the whole world count??) Whether you’re looking for the best places to get out into the raw wilderness of the US, then your dream adventure bucket list can simply be a list of the top national park in every state (though that’s gonna be a tough one to narrow down). If you’re itching to get OUT of the United States for an epic adventure, then we’re right there with you (too). From the Inca Trail And Machu Picchu in South America to a road trip through all of the gorgeous national parks of the United States, we’ve got the stuff to get your (adventure bucket list idea) juices flowing.

Top Bucket List Adventure Vacations USA

The best part of North America is that there is a national park worth visiting in every state. We especially like Alaska because it’s a little more off-the-beaten-path than, say, Yellowstone National Park or Zion National Park (which we are obsessed with also, but like, in a let’s-visit-this-regularly kind of way). Alaska gets you out into the wild and onto the tops of glaciers. Think of it this way: where Glacier National Park was created by a massive glacier, Alaska lets you climb and hike the actual glaciers in real-time. How badass is that?
Adventure travel doesn’t have to be limited to the hard-to-reach, though. If you’re looking for epic adventures in Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National park, Las Vegas (oh yeah, baby), Yosemite National Park, or Yellowstone National Park, then head over to our trips page for the United States. You won’t be disappointed

Crazy Things To Do Around The World

Okay, now onto the international adventure bucket list. The best places to visit depend on what kind of adventure, cultural experiences, or natural wonder you’re hoping to see. Southeast Asia is great for backpacker vibes with some seriously interesting landscapes and cultural experiences. But if you’re looking for adventures that nobody in your entire life has experienced, then we recommend finding the sweet spot between eastern Europe and western Asia. Think: camel rides in Jordan, incredible nature Croatia, hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia.
South America has the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, which is a bucket list adventure in and of itself considering they hand out only a handful of permits each year (don’t worry, we got ’em). The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is a natural wonder for animal lovers and is just off the coast of Ecuador, which is arguably one of the best places in all of South America.
If you’re looking for even more remote, more unique, and more immersed in adventure than any of that, then head to Uganda for a gorilla trekking safari. Uganda is super special to the founder of Explorer Chick because it is both badass and also fragile, with conservation and respect for nature at the forefront of the adventure travel industry.
Another adventurous bucket list idea is to head up north, like really north, to Iceland to see some Northern Light action in person. Don’t worry, we’ve got that ready for ya too.
Seriously, our entire ethos is “what’s the most adventurous bucket list idea we can come up with” and then we turn that into a bookable trip. See what we have in store for you.

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