Mini Adventure Day Trips

Day Trip Mini Adventures For Women

Looking for adventures that pack maximum fun into a mini time window? Our epic Mini Adventures are perfect for feeding your wanderlust cravings closer to your own backyard!

We love planning big extravagant trips, but it’s those extra fun things you can fit in a weekend that get you through the pain of waiting between vacations. Plus, we all know the phrase “practice makes perfect” so what better way to prepare for that grand outdoor adventure than experiencing those outdoor activities on some of the best day trips ever?

You can search websites and social media for tips to find the best attractions and guidelines on challenging outdoor activities, but nothing beats a guided tour. Mountain biking? Hell yeah. Rock climbing? You bet! Hitting the hiking trail? 150%. Let us do the dirty work of planning and all you have to do is show up, have a good time, and meet some other adventurous women nature lovers!

What to Expect from an Explorer Chick Day Trip

Whether you choose a Via Ferrata rock climbing adventure or a yoga meditation retreat you can count on Explorer Chick to provide a totally unique experience that’s welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

These single day or half day adventures are all over North America (hey, with our live virtual backpacking workshop, it could be all over the world!) and we’re constantly growing what we offer. From the West Coast and fat tire mountain biking in Arizona to hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, we’ve got the best day trips for any adventure-seeking lady craving some weekend excitement!

Possible Explorer Chick Mini Adventure Day Trips to Explore
  • Looking for a totally unique bachelorette party idea? Instead of the same old outing, go for a different theme-adventure! Create unforgettable (and maybe unmentionable) memories with the ladies in your life on an exciting or challenging mini-adventure. (Yes, some of our trips include wine.)
  • Can’t control your stoke about an upcoming camping trip or international travel adventure with Explorer Chick? Sounds like a mini-adventure is exactly what you need to connect with other badass babes and your outdoorsy self. Day trips are perfect training for bigger adventures, and a great way to meet other gals in the Explorer Chick community!
  • Choose from our indoor or outdoor rock climbing trips, many of which are great for beginners and just a short scenic drive from metro areas. You’ll walk away having had a rad experience, and feeling strong and accomplished for tackling some new moves!
  • Our Beginner Caving and exploration gets down and dirty with some seriously cool cave crawling! Grab a picnic lunch and take your chance to escape the city and enjoy the natural wonders beneath the hills of West Virginia. Leave the high heels at home for this one, ladies (and definitely pack the boots!).
  • Shake up your weekend routine and spend time reconnecting with yourself in nature, surrounded by a peaceful forest setting in our Yoga, Meditation, and Journaling sessions. Ditch your phone and the rest of the world for a while, and take note of that moment when you thank yourself for doing your mental health the favor.
  • Bring your 10 Essentials and hone your skills in our hiking and survival challenges! In this hands-on workshop, you’ll complete challenges and practice techniques for shelter building, water purification, and self-rescue. Relax while you learn in our fun, friendly environment with ladies who are also lovers of hiking and backpacking.
  • Book a mini adventure as the bait to convince your mom friends to leave the kids at home for a day, and do fun things uninhibited and child-free with your gal pals. An adventure makes the perfect girls outing for any occasion or no occasion at all!
  • Mini adventures also make AMAZING experience gifts for friends or loved ones. Forget the sweater they’ll never wear, give them the gift of outdoor adventure by planning an Explorer Chick day trip for the amazing women in your family!


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