Recap: West Virginia Wild 2019

Two weekends ago we wrapped up our 3rd annual West Virginia Wild.

On our last night together when I stood in front of 40+ Explorer Chicks who had just spent 3 days camping, rafting, adventuring, hiking, and Unicorn Glow Campfire dancing together, I knew that this Wild was something special. Our BEST to date! I could feel, physically feel, the energy in the room. It was electric. It overcame me, and all of our Explorer Chicks made it easy for me to speak from the heart that night.

On our kick off, I had asked them if they would be ALL IN with me. Instead of crickets, the room erupted into enthusiastic cheers. Over the course of the weekend, strangers became friends, fears were faced, tequila bottles were passed. Explorer Chicks let go of the woman left behind at home.

Every woman committed to being ALL IN and that is what made Explorer Chick Wild so darn magical. It wasn’t me or the Explorer Chick Dream Team. We can do all the behind the scenes work, but it is and always will be you showing up with open hearts, minds, and souls. It was the EXPLORER CHICKS who elevated this trip from just another tour to REAL TRAVEL with REAL WOMEN.

A HUGE Thank You from me and the Explorer Chick Dream Team! 💗

And, what’s up with that picture above? You either love it or you hate it. Our very own Explorer Chick Amy described it perfectly over on our Social Media:

“To onlookers, we were 40 wild women stripping down, quickly removing tops and bras for the biggest Explorer Chick topless photo on record. For me, the moment was one of empowerment. Here are 40 women, most of whom were strangers less than 48 hours prior to the time this photo was taken. We trusted each other enough to do something wild and unexpected together. To embrace our bodies in all their lovely and powerful shapes and sizes and pose for a moment in time together. We’re from many places, we’re different ages, we have different backgrounds and stories, and we’re standing confidently together. These our our bodies. They are beautiful and strong. We can do hard and scary and new things, and it’s so fun to experience them together. We went on to champ the New River as a group. Here’s to dance parties, river rafting, biscuit eating, cliff jumping, sisterhood. This is West Virginia Wild 2019. – Explorer Chick Dream Team Amy 💗💪💗 “

Keep on scrolling to read more directly from our Explorer Chicks who joined us at Wild.

And, how about 2020? Oh, it’s on and live right now! June 18-21, 2020.

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Cheers to Boundless Adventures!

Nicki Bruckmann
Explorer Chick, Founder

It was truly amazing. All the ladies were welcoming to each other and supportive. Borrowing items to each other, asking others to try food they brought or alcohol. I never meet a nicer group of strangers who now truly feel like friends I’ve known forever. – Explorer Chick Stephanie

I honestly can say, this will go down as one of the best experiences in my life! – Explorer Chick Amy

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