What Does Explorer Chick Instagram Look Like?

Screenshot of several different photos of women on vacation from the Explorer Chick Instagram feed.

The other day I was reviewing the Explorer Chick Instagram feed in the tile view. Just scrolling down quickly glimpsing at all the pictures. La-di-da! La-di-da!

And then it hit me like a brick wall. As I was scrolling, I couldn’t help but beam with pride that it is a feed full of REAL WOMEN!

An escape from reality

Instagram has become yet another commercialized sales channel. (Yes, it is that for us as well). It seems every single picture has been carefully curated, shot, and modeled by professionals. It is full of people living these unreal and totally dope lives while the rest of us drool sitting at work or waiting in line for coffee or sitting in traffic. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing these pictures. It inspires me and introduces me to new places. (And gives me a distraction when I need a break from reality). Sometimes it is the little slice of the outdoors needed on a rainy, cloudy Cincinnati day.

Real women on real adventures

Then you have the Explorer Chick Instagram feed. 😮 Our photographers are mostly capable of a decent composition and tapping the shutter on our cell phones. They are me armed with my cell phone, an old DSL, and a GoPro that I can’t quite figure out. They are you snapping pictures of your adventures. Teaching one another during trips how to adjust your settings or edit a photo. We are a tribe of mostly inexperienced, wanna-be photographers who are simply attempting to capture beautiful moments with beautiful people in the most beautiful of places.

We are all shapes, sizes, ages, and skill levels!

Fierce, strong and beautiful women

What makes me so proud of our feed is you! We are all shapes, sizes, ages, and skill levels! You are weekend warriors! You are making the most of your vacation days embarking on new adventures in new destinations. Sometimes with Explorer Chick! Other times, you’re camping on your own, rock climbing, touring Iceland, or hiking with another Explorer Chick you met at West Virginia Wild in June. (Yes, all true stories that come through my feed!)

You are Explorer Chicks! You embody the soul of Explorer Chick! You are proudly declaring yourselves #ExplorerChick!

I invite you to take a scroll through our feed. Meet the women of Explorer Chick. We are fierce, strong, beautiful, and badass!

Adventure on Explorer Chicks!

Nicki Bruckmann, Founder

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