February Travel Adventures

Are we the only ones who feel like February lasts FOREVER? It may technically be the shortest month, but it sure doesn’t feel that way!

Coupled or not, Valentine’s Day alone is just not enough to look forward to (plus a ladies’ trip is WAY more fun anyway). At Explorer Chick, our number one recommendation to break up the bitterly cold weather? Book yourself an epic February vacation, and let us deal with all the details! Get stoked to join a group of badass women on a mind-blowing adventure for your perfect February getaway!

Whether you’re looking to escape the cold to somewhere tropical or lean fully into this winter month with a hot chocolate-fueled (boozy? maybe) adventure, Explorer Chick has put together awesome trips to some of the best places to visit in February. Wherever your destination, be it a wintery national park or tropical sandy beaches, you and your fellow explorer chicks will bond over incredible, exciting, and sometimes challenging experiences.

Witness captivating winter light dancing on sandstone while backpacking in Grand Canyon National Park or relax on the beaches of Belize after a day of snorkeling and zip-lining. Whether you’re a warm temperatures goddess or ski resorts fanatic, come have some fun with us!


So, where are the best places to visit in February? Honestly, there are a lot of amazing places. With fewer crowds in many places, the colder months can be a great time to schedule a laid back trip.

Baja, Mexico

However, one of our favorites to soak up some winter sun is Baja, Mexico. Snorkel, scuba dive, and kayak beautiful beaches. Fall asleep to the gentle waves of the Sea of Cortez in a private boat. Hike the Sierra de Laguna and discover gorgeous natural swimming holes. 

That’s what our Explorer Chick tour guides have in store for you on an epic Baja, Mexico trip. Did we mention we provide all the equipment for these adventures? Uh, yes. We do. You’re welcome. 

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Canaan Valley, West Virginia

Now, if you’re thinking “this is peak ski season, I need to get in some snow ASAP”, we’ve got you covered too. Cross-country ski in the mountains of West Virginia and enjoy the winter wonderland of Canaan Valley in peak season. Prepare for your entire group of adventurous, unstoppable women to burst into song with a version or two of “Let It Go” when you encounter frozen waterfalls and icy tree limbs.

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