In Her Words: Virginia Hiking and Survival 101


Our Virginia Hiking and Survival 101 weekend adventure is the perfect blend of hiking along the Appalachian Trail, learning basic wilderness survival skills, and connecting with like-minded, adventurous women.

Explorer Chick Guide Lauren was our gal in the field in April 2019 with her crew of 12 Explorer Chicks. Together, they completed the Virginia Triple Crown – a combination of Dragon’s Tooth, Tinker Cliffs, and McAfee Knob. Between hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail, they broke out the notebooks to get schooled learning the 7 Principles of Wilderness Survival. Of course, this isn’t your typical classroom. It was a fully immersive program where Explorer Chicks got their hands dirty starting fires, building shelters, and tying knots.

But what really went down? Here’s what our Explorer Chicks had to say about their Adventure in Virginia!


“Just like the #MotherOfDragons, our Explorer Chicks conquered the first hike of their Virginia Hiking and Survival Skills 101 Adventure” – Explorer Chick Guide Lauren


“I signed up for this trip for the guided hiking and assumed the survival skills would not apply to me because I don’t do high adventure outings. But what I learned this past weekend could save my life, or someone I love and is a lot more relevant than I ever expected.” Explorer Chick Jennifer

“Every bit of me hurts…but that’s part of the fun!” Explorer Chick Kimberly


“Thank you for empowering us with tools to survive- I hope I never need them, but it was so much fun learning!” Explorer Chick Dawn


“Mastering knots…while rocking a manicure, of course. 😊💪💅” – Explorer Chick Courtney


“We always say easy doesn’t change you. Three days of challenging mountain hikes might leave you with some sore muscles- but it will also leave you with memories of incredible views like this one.” – Explorer Chick Guide Lauren


“Missing some pretty amazing friends that I met on the trip this weekend. Looking at the pictures and reminiscing- Grateful to have had this opportunity.” Explorer Chick Andrea

Ready for those Virginia summit views and wilderness survival skills? Book your spot on our next Virginia Hiking and Survival Adventure HERE.

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