Adventure Trips in July for Women

It’s peak hiking season, ladies! Are you itching to let your adventurous spirit loose in the wild this summer? SAME! Leave the boring luxury resort summer vacations behind and instead, fill this summer season with hiking trails, mountain biking, fresh mountain air, hot springs, horseback riding, and freedom (we are celebrating independence day, after all!).

If you’re looking for a place to visit in July that will scratch your adventure itch (and then some), then we have good news for you: there are SO MANY prime places to visit in July for outdoor activities. You’ll enjoy colorful flowers, warm weather, and maybe even an impressive fireworks display. But if your head is spinning from all the choices, we’ve got you covered with some epic options.

Whether you want to see what the hype is all about or want to find your own secret adventure, we’ve got an outdoorsy trip for you! New BFFs included. These aren’t your everyday bus sightseeing tour thing though — these are down and dirty, get your feet wet, feel the rain on your face, scream into the void, self-discovery type trips that you’ll never forget.

Best Places to Travel in the USA in July

Have you ever noticed how MASSIVE the United States is? Seriously. It’s huge.

This also means it has some of the best places to visit. Our personal favorites are the national parks.

The one downfall? With peak summer vacation time, many of the popular destinations in the United States will be bursting with tourists — especially that holiday weekend!

Yosemite National Park

July is one of the busiest months for Yosemite — which is why we book this trip wayyyy in advance! Hiking to the top of Half Dome is one of those epic bucket list numbers, but getting a permit to get your hands on the cables can be a challenge. With our tour, we take care of all the details and ensure all our ladies get a permit to see the view from the top of Half Dome.

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Smoky Mountains National Park Hiking and Glamping

Get your hike on and the boob sweat flowing on a July getaway with other adventurous gals in the Smoky Mountains. We’ve painstakingly curated the best hiking itinerary for the perfect amount of challenge, OMFG-level mountain views, and SHE-nanigans — including a whiskey tour with your new sisters in crime.

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International Adventure Tours in July

Ready to GTFO (of the country) this July? We’re all over it — and all over the world! Whether you want quiet beaches, rocky mountains, or are just in it for the foreign accents (no judgment) we have a selection of unforgettable trips.


This is our newest trip and boy is it an epic one! We’ve packed just about everything you can imagine into 8 days of adventure in early July — hiking trails, ancient city exploration, hut-to-hut backpacking, national parks, eBiking, wine tasting, and absolutely STUNNING views. All you have to do is get ready for a good time.

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Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru

Ready to see how much of a badass you really are? Then this epic trek (pronounced way-wash) is for you! Join 11 other adventure-loving chicks for a 9-day trekking route through some of the toughest hiking terrain in high elevation with the best views. We’re talking a total of 14 days getting acquainted (and acclimated), hiking to pristine lakes, and trekking this world-class high alpine route.

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This isn’t the Nat Geo Animal channel anymore — this is REAL LIFE! On this trip, you could narrate your own nature film starring tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, penguins, boobies, reef sharks, and more. We’ll make booby jokes, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and kayak the volcanic islets of Tintoreras.

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If Scotland doesn’t get you with the accents, it’s the castles, and if not the castles, definitely the pure wild space in the highlands. This 8-day Scottish adventure will give you all the Brave and Outlander vibes as you visit little villages, scramble up imposing peaks, and of course, sample some of the scotch and gin from local distilleries.

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