The Power of Explorer Chick

Last week the Explorer Chicks were in the Dominican Republic. Following the trip, Explorer Chick Guide Jenn wrote a Post over on our Social Media.

I am sharing this for the comments that followed. These are not my words scripted by the boss lady, but words from the mouths of the women who traveled with us last week.

“Such amazing memories were made! I have never had adrenaline pumping so fast through my body that I spontaneously cried and shook like I did on the trapeze! I never have felt such genuine support, excitement, and the encouragement that comes with a tribe from complete strangers. This trip was such an amazing experience, I can not wait to decide which one I go on next! Explorer Chick thank you for creating these opportunities to not only escape from daily life, but to push ourselves and grow. Jennifer McAmis thank you for being the true leader you are AMAZING! From the time of booking, though what to pack, support throughout the trip, and making sure we all made it home safe Jenn was our superstar 🤩!” – Explorer Chick Jennifer

“💯 truth!! Thank you Jenn !! You are an AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE, KIND & BEAUTIFUL soul who pushed our boundaries with 💗, encouragement and support.

Hands down one of the best experiences of my life. My body is exhausted and it is the best feeling….. EVER. ” – Explorer Chick Jessie

“Thank you Explorer Chick and Jenn for giving me the best experience in my life, to date!! I can’t put into words all the wonderful ways to describe this trip, group of women, and guide!!! 💓💗🤗” – Explorer Chick Nicole

You might stick your nose up at group travel, but this ain’t your typical group travel. This is some powerful stuff purely brought to life by the women on our trips. Thank you to Jenn for leading this group and to every single woman in DR last week for being the life force of Explorer Chick. 💗

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