Traveling in July? Hit Up These 11 Best Places to Visit in July

best trips in july

Summer is the ultimate vacay season. With warm weather, long days, and sunny skies, the possibilities seem endless. And they are! But there’s a catch: the best places to visit in July get busy. Fast. So finalize your travel plans soon, and let Explorer Chick take you off the beaten path in these 11 best July destinations.

Best Places To Travel In July In The USA

Trade in that banked overtime, extend your Independence Day weekend, and indulge in the vacay you deserve (and we know you deserve one). That hot July sun brings warm weather and very little rain, making it the perfect time to take a road trip and tackle the outdoor activities you’ve been daydreaming about. And we aren’t talking about sipping cocktails on the beach — though that can be arranged.

But no, we’re talking mountain biking, crushing hiking trails, and killing the water sports game. Summer months bring endless opportunities. Hey, it’s peak season for a reason! Check out these best places to visit in the USA for the true adventurer.

Yosemite, California

travel to yosemite in july
Explorer Chick in Yosemite on our epic Half Dome Adventure

July Is Great For: hiking, backpacking, biking, camping, wildlife lovers, and exploring off the beaten path

Trade in the big cities for green spaces — Yosemite is just a few hours from San Francisco, Orange County, and Huntington Beach. Off in the California wilderness, you’ll witness gorgeous mountain views with meadows, valleys, and cliffs galore. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, after all. Cue the superlike.

Colorful flowers decorate alpine landscapes in the summer months at Yosemite National Park. It’s wildflower season, baby! At long last, high elevations are (mostly) snow-free, biking trails are bog-less, and warm temperatures make the park a popular destination to visit in July. But don’t let those notoriously rare permits play hard-to-get — let us do your dirty work.

What To Do

Join our all-girls group of fierce adventurers backpacking through remote woods, catching the sunset as you freakin’ summit Half Dome, and escaping those Sunday Scaries. Let your hearts (and legs) turn to mush as you form forever bonds with five new gal pals you just did the impossible with.

I won’t lie. Our Yosemite Half Dome Hiking adventure isn’t a walk in the park (though technically it is…). It’s four days of HARD work, pushing past mental and physical barriers. But your fellow Explorer Chicks will be by your side the whole time, rooting for you like your own personal cheer squad.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

hiking in smoky mountains
Quick pic at the entrance with our Explorer Chick hiking group

July Is Great For: hiking, wildlife viewing, water activities, day trips, anyone needing a healthy dose of nature

If you wanna go chasing waterfalls, take a July trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, just outside Gatlinburg. Spend your 4th in this incredible city to catch some live music bangers, an impressive fireworks display, and parades galore. Then jet off to the park for some R&R in the woods.

Summer vacations craft the perfect opportunity to enjoy the lush green forests and rich diversity of this highly protected space. It’s one of the best places to visit in July, hands down.

Catch stunning starry night skies, grab a picnic basket, or take a leisurely tube ride down a river. Need some more adrenaline? We gotcha. Test your paddling chops white water rafting, or trade that stairclimber in for dreamy mountain top views.

What To Do

Moonshine under the moonlight? Ummm, yes, please! Babe, that bottoms-up will be well earned after trekking up the highest single-drop waterfall in the range: Rainbow Falls. But that’s the easy trail when hiking in the Smoky Mountains. We’ll also hit up the historical sites of Mt. Cammerer — and girl, it’s a GRIND.

Yeah, you’ll be in the wilderness, but we aren’t gonna be in the backcountry. Instead, we’re glamping this one out. It’s the perfect balance. You’ll sweat it out all day, then return to a glorious air-conditioned tent. Sounds perfect, right? Then join our mid July women’s only Great Smoky Mountains hiking weekend!

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

July Is Great For: camping and backpacking, scenic drives, horseback riding, climbing, and lovers of all-weather

Searching for postcard-worthy views? How about some absolutely gorgeous alpine lakes? Well, a July visit to Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect place to get your outdoorsiness on!

A summer vacation to this Colorado wonderland offers an ideal mix of warm temps without being underboob-sweat-inducingly hot. (Yeah, we get it.) It’s prime hiking weather, babe!

The park is alive with flourishing flora and fauna, making these mountains one of the best places to visit this time of year. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Prepare for some Rocky thunderstorms as well.

What To Do

Plan your visit in July, and you’ll experience everything that the Rockies have to offer. It’s all systems go as park roads and facilities operate in full swing. And you bet that includes the famed Trail Ridge outlooks.

  • Drive Trail Ridge Road. Venture to Estes Park or Grand Lake, and begin your ascent up the scenic Trail Ridge Road. Only summer visitors can access this stunning drive, so slow down and take it in.
  • Go mountaineering. Secure your bivouac permit, practice your technical skills, and check for raptor protection closures. Then, gear up and get climbing in the magnificent Rocky Mountains.
  • Hit the trails on horseback. Take in the park from a unique view: on horseback! Nearly 80% of Rocky Mountain’s paths are horse-friendly — just be mindful of the rules of the trail.

Sequoia National Park

July Is Great For: stargazing, forest bathing, hot weather lovers, and visiting higher elevations

The vast elevation differences across Sequoia National Park can completely alter your experience. Into that dry, sauna-like heat? Set up camp in the foothills! Need a cool-off from that steamy sunshine? Move the party up to the groves for some milder overnight temps.

But the weather isn’t the only change you’ll notice as you drift between heights. You’ll be transported to an entirely different landscape — all within the same region. Pretty cool, right?

What To Do

Size isn’t everything, but seeing a trip to Giant Forest might have you reconsidering. Sequoia is renowned for its stunningly large old-growth trees, and you can’t miss ’em. When you’re not busy wondering how rad a Sequoia treehouse would be, check out the pristine night sky, set up glamp, and get your butt on the trails.

  • Stargaze on a Wonders of the Night Sky tour. For only $10 per person, this easy, wheelchair-accessible astronomy tour takes you through the real stars of Sequoia: the night sky.  
  • Glamp in the Sequoia High Sierra Camp. Enjoy waking up to the lush forest while indulging in a little luxury a la canvas-tented cabins. Drive down along Big Meadows Corral Road, and hike in from Marvin Pass Trailhead Parking Lot
  • Walk up Moro Rock. Grab a free shuttle ride from Giant Forest Museum to Moro Rock parking lot, and put that stairclimber training to work!

Best Places Visit In July Outside The U.S.


hiking in slovenia
Explorer Chicks resting after epic hiking in Slovenia

July Is Great For summiting mountains, swimming in crystal waters, hut to hut hiking, and fierce outdoorswomen 

Breathtaking blue waterways, alpine summits, and native plant life galore: that’s our idea of summer fun! July is Slovenia’s hottest month, but even then, temps are mild. The mercury rises to the mid-70s on an average day. Really, is there any better weather to work up a sweat in?

As you soak up national parks, crush mountain-top climbs, and sip delicious wine, don’t forget to stop by outdoor events like Culinary Fridays. Explore the local food scene in Kamnik while grooving to some vibey live music.

The Slovenian mountains are easily one of the best places to visit in summer. Balmy weather and long days craft a fairytale-like setting for you to run wild. But forget Prince Charming — grab your girl group instead!

What To Do

There’s only one way to experience Slovenia’s national parks: the Explorer Chick way. Our Mountain Hut to Hut hiking trip unites a small, adventurous group of women as we traverse valleys, blaze alpines, and freakin’ summit Slovenia’s highest peaks.

But it’s not all hard work. How does swimming in Lake Bled, sipping coffee from mountain hut porches, and rafting down crystal clear waters sound? Oh, and you already know we’re gonna make a few “What happens in Slovenia stays in Slovenia” memories, too*wink.*

join us for a hiking trip in slovenia cta


July Is Great For: hiking, perfect sunsets, lengthy treks, zip-lining, and all things adventurous

What’s the point in traveling all the way to Peru if cloudy days and rainstorms block the gorgeous sights? Visit in July to avoid those problems! Sunny skies, long days, and minimal precipitation make for a fantastic time in this South American haven.

TBH, it’s also peak tourist season, though. So veer off the beaten path, and crash in tents while you trek the intense Cordillera Huayhuah circuit with like-minded, determined women. (See what we did there?)

If a two-week alpine grind is waaaay off your radar, we have our ways of beating the crowds. Yeah, we know how to lock down sightseeing tours even in the most famous Peruvian destinations.

What To Do

Isn’t it every woman’s dream to breathe in Machu Picchu from the breathtaking Inca Trail? We’ll explore ancient ruins, museums, and landmarks in Cusco and the Sacred Valley before setting off on our historic four-day mountainous trek.

Or do you want to see Machu Picchu the adrenaline lover’s way? Then, join our Peruvian Rainbow Mountain Adventure! We’ll be cycling, white water rafting, cliff-walking, and zip-lining out way into town. Don’t worry: pit stops for coffee and hot springs are on the itinerary.


hiking in scotland adventure

July Is Great For: long-distance walks, climbing mountains, biking, serious hikers seeking panoramic views

Like so many mountain regions, Scotland’s weather can be unpredictable in July. Some days may be mild and sunny, while others are overcast and rainy. Still, it’s one of the best times to visit the highlands.

More daylight hours mean better opportunities to crush some summits and still catch the sunset. And the local pubs are always a good idea, lass.

What To Do

Explorer Chick’s Unspoiled Scotland Hiking Tour will take you and your new Scottish sisters up fierce Munros, over loch-filled valleys, and across rocky coastlines. You’ll explore everything that the North-West Highlands offers: from regional foods to regal castles and everything in between.

Where to Visit In July And August


hiking in alaska
The obligatory topless Explorer Chicks pic

July Is Great For: wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and adventuring in the sunlight

Alaska is one of the best places to visit in summer, hands down. Finally, the snow has melted, the rivers are flowing, and the days are impossibly long — in the most exciting way, of course.

Summertime in Denali National Park is unique to every other season. Flora and fauna return to the northern state, and the greatest trails have reopened at last.

Sure, it’s rainy season, but it’s not freezing anymore!

What To Do

Alaska is filled with natural beauty, including you! Our supportive troop of women adventurers will take on this tundra with you. We’ll be hiking, kayaking, and—what’s that?—trekking a glacier in August? Yup. #OnlyInAlaska

Dominican Republic

traveling in Dominican republic with women
Post surf lesson in Dominican Republic

July Is Great For: zip-lining, horseback riding, rafting, surfing, and avoiding crowds

Want to avoid Dominican Republic’s busy season? Plan your visit in July or August! All those beautiful beaches will have quieted down, and even the locals will start heading on their own vacations.

While it is the wetter season, rain isn’t too much of a corner. If anything, an afternoon shower gives you a chance to grab a fresh seafood lunch followed by a little siesta. Then rise and shine! We have exploring to do.

What To Do

We’re skipping the boring beach days, babe. (Not all of them, just the boring ones!) In true Explorer Chick fashion, we’ll be making the most of our Dominican Republic Adventure by learning to surf, leap into waterfall canyons, zip-line, and even hit the trapeze. Can you say, “Once in a lifetime?”

Where To Travel In June Or July


epic adventure travel in croatia
These are the views on our hiking trip in Croatia

July Is Great For: snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, cliff jumping, and falling in love with the gorgeous natural landscape

Forget about your partner back home: a Croatian visit in July will have you drunk in love. The summer sun brings the coastal country to life, and the Adriatic sea welcomes all waterbugs with open arms.

It’s hot. It’s electric. It’s better than any of your wildest dreams.

What To Do

I’m telling you, an all-women private trip to hike Croatia’s national parks is everything you need. Channel your inner Sporty Spice E-biking from wine and olive oil tastings to truffle hunts in the Motovun forests.

Scream your lungs out as you jump off cliffs and climb a Via Ferrata up Bojin Kuk’s summit. Oh, and we’ll be consuming tons of gelato because wine not?

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

galapagos islands ecuador adventure travel
We get up close and personal with wildlife in Ecuador

July Is Great For: snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving, wildlife spottings, and animal lovers

A Galapagos visit in July will make you pull a total Darwin, AKA you’ll fall in love with every inch of this spectacular island.

Cooler weather and waters make for exceptional marine life viewing this time of year. From whale watching and sea lion breeding to clearer snorkeling waters and bird nesting season, the island hosts all types of visitors in July.

Milder temperatures also make the month ideal for hiking and exploring Ecuador’s white sand beaches with your all-girl group.

What To Do

Get in, ladies. We’re going to totally lose our minds over the cuuutest Ecuadorian animals. For real, you’ll feel like a Planet Earth narrator as you witness jaw-dropping wildlife chilling on pristine beaches while you kayak by. Oh, and did we mention July is peak whale shark spotting season for snorkelers?

Meet thirteen of your new best friends on our guided Galapagos Islands Tour and Multisport Adventure. Let’s get Galapa-going!

Where to Get Travel Information

Even the most experienced world traveler has to do her due diligence. Research your must-see spots, prep for worst-case scenarios, and pack for all weather possibilities. Do the work before you leave so you can enjoy those sandy beaches and national parks worry-free.

Ready to Get Hiking?

Join like-minded Explorer Chicks and join us in exploring some of the best places to visit in July! Great times, sore legs, and belly laughs are guaranteed.

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