How to Conquer the Slovenia Mountains Like a Pro

guide to hiking mountains in slovenia

Get on that stair-climber, girl. We’re heading out on Slovenia’s highest peaks, hiking until our thighs can’t take it anymore. Tucked near Austria, Italy, and Hungary, Slovenia is a breathtakingly gorgeous country.

You’ll fall in SLOVE with the stunning glacial lakes, adorable mountain huts, and adrenaline rush of summiting the Julian Alp range’s tallest peak. (Seriously, there is so much to do in Slovenia.) Join our adventure to the unspoilt nature dreamscape that is Slovenia.

Mt Triglav

hiking trip in slovenia

Pull your hair back, lace those walking shoes, and get in, girl: we’re going hiking. But would we ever take you down just any trail? No way. We’re climbing the highest mountain in the Slovenian Alps.

Located in northwestern Slovenia, Triglav National Park is a can’t miss destination. Conquering this mountain range in the Julian Alps requires some serious hiking experience. Like Leo in Titanic, you’ll be howling “I’m the king of the world!” from the highest summit in the country, banking enough unforgettable experiences for a lifetime.

  • Krma Valley. 19km | 14 hours. Access Mt Triglav via the Krma Valley for the most “beginner-friendly” route for those wanting to summit the highest peak in Slovenia (if a 14-hour climb can be considered beginner-friendly), with a final 400m climb secured via ferrata. If you’re channeling your inner Queen Bey and feelin’ yourself, finish it all in one day.
  • Dom Planika. 4.2 km | 4.5 hours. Make your way to the Dom Planika hut on Mt Triglav through your trail of choice. Once here, you’ll walk to Mali Triglav, then put those glutes to work climbing the Slovenian mountains via ferrata (in good weather) or gradually up the winding path.
  • Soča Valley. 24.9 km | 13 hours. Start your trek up the highest mountain in Slovenia on a gravel road winding through valley forests, up steeper rock faces, and past military ruins before crushing the via ferrata passage. Try mountain biking the gravel road entrance to shed some time off your journey.

Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes

slovenia seven lakes

Drunk on beautiful views from popular summits, or is it the high elevation speaking? Change it up by heading down to the Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes: a b-e-a-utiful hiking destination nestled in the Julian Alps. This glacial valley is a wildlife haven filled with animals and fossils and… mythical creatures? Oh my!

  • Savica Waterfall. 12.9 km | 5 to 6.5 hours. Ready to channel your inner badass? This path to the first few valley lakes is a rollercoaster of dangerously steep slopes (they have safety cables for a reason) balanced with the sweet reprieve of more casual climbing zones. If you’d like, head back to the falls, or continue through the Julian Alps.
  • Planina Blato. 7.6 km | 3.5 hours. Find the Planina Blato trailhead just 20 minutes from Stara Fuzina, descending mountain pastures, then steeply down Stapce pass. At the bottom of this glacial valley, you’ll find Double Lake, where your mountain hut awaits, or push yourself another 45 minutes to admire Big Lake’s natural beauty.
  • Uskovnica pasture. 40.6 km | 16 hours. Conquer hiking trails through the entire Triglav Lakes Valley, where you’ll find culture only Slovenian mountains can provide — like alpine cheese making! You’ll get the full Julian Alps experience trekking meadows, forests, and lakeshores, then catching Zs in mountain hut accommodations.
  • Ukanca. 7.6 km | 3 hours. The Savica Waterfall is one of many starting points to the Triglav Lakes Valley, but don’t forget to admire the falls’ simply stunning views on this circular path before hitting the lowlands. Embrace that big waterfall energy, ladies!

Southern Julian Alps

Kanjavec in Triglav National Park Slovenia
Kanjavec in Southern Julian Alps, Slovenia

From poetry-worthy gorgeous gorges to meditative crystal clear springs, the southern Julian Alps are full of outdoor activities so dreamy you’ll never return home. So get those booty gains climbing mountains and snap nature pics worthy of a “hashtag blessed” caption, Boo. The Southern Limestone Alps will take your breath away — and that’s not the elevation speaking.

  • Zatolmin. 2 km | 1.5 hours. Explore the gorge-ous Tolmin Gorge on this gentle walk along the Tolminka and Zadlaščica river canyons. If you dare, catch a peek of the Cave of Zadlaška jama: the supposed inspo for Dante’s Inferno (Hell) in the Divine Comedy.
  • Drežniške Ravne. 5km | 2 hours. Hikes that end in ASMR-worthy waterfalls are always the best, right? Cross pastures, forests, meadows, and valley views until you hit the Curk Waterfall cascading down the red rock wall.
  • Vrata Mountain Pass. 11.8 km | 6 hours. We’re taking in some history on this mule-trail-meets-ridge-path towards Mt. Vršič. Look for hundred-year-old remnants as you trek this historic World War I battleground.
  • Pozabljeno. 8.6 km | 3.5 hours. Take a deep breath and smell that lush forest and natural spring water as you ascend the circular path towards Mala Bistrica and the Bistrica Spring. Head back for an easier return, or keep climbing across the Dobrava meadows and adore the surrounding mountains.

Lake Bohinj

Unlike your last three Tinder dates, glacial Lake Bohinj looks just as good online as it does IRL. Yes, we’ll pinch you. Proudly boasting the title of the largest natural lake in Triglav National Park and all of Slovenia, Bohinj Valley is a haven between Slovenia’s alps. See it from the water level or conquer those mountain ranges, babe. Lake Bohinj kills it from all angles.

  • Bohinj Tourist Information Centre: Ribčev Laz. 12.7 km | 3.5 hours. You can’t properly visit Lake Bohinj without walking the shoreline path. Stunning mountain peaks, forestscapes, and potential cow sightings are just a few highlights of this peaceful trail.
  • Vogel cable car. 15.6 km | 6 hours. Save your legs, take the cable car up to Vogel Ski Resort, and work your way down the curving path. Catch bird’s eye views of Lake Bohinj, Triglav, and the Julian Alps unique to Vogel.
  • Ravne in Bohinj. 11.6 km | 5.5 hours. Soar high above Lake Bohinj through the Slovenian Alps as you tackle Črna prst. Flex your hiking expertise as you ascend steep paths, cross mountain passes, and bask in that 360° view.
  • Stara Fužina. 11.8 km | 4 hours. Supposedly made by the devil himself, Mostnica Gorge’s famous Devil Bridge is a must-see spot (apparently, there’s something hellish about Slovenian gorges?). But we think the real showstoppers are the turquoise waters and mindblowing rock formations.

Lake Bled

lake bled slovenia

A few hours outside Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is stunning glacial Lake Bled. Legend has it that fairies formed this picturesque lake, and you’ll feel that fairytale magic the moment you arrive. Lake Bled is a can’t-miss Slovenian tourism destination with rocky gorges, panoramic views, and rich medieval history.

Swim or boat to Bled island, climb hills in Triglav National Park, and sip wine in an 11th-century castle. You’ll feel like a modern-day Cinderella…except way more badass.

  • To Vintgar Gorge (from Lakeside Promenade). 10.3 km | 3 hours. Begin your journey with a stroll through the town of Bled, through the Podhom village, and across the Radovna bridge in Vintgar Gorge. You’ll follow wooden paths built into the limestone walls, catching sights of the Šum waterfall and Bohinj Railway stone bridge, before exiting through the forest path and back towards Bled.
  • To Dobra Gora (from Lakeside Promenade). 4.9 km | 1.5 hours. Find reprieve from busy tourist hiking trails by venturing up Dobra Gora, locally known as Špik, one of Bled’s Monadnock hills. You’ll pass through forests, spot gorgeous flowers, and maybe glimpse some game wildlife.
  • From Hill to Hill around the lake (from Lakeside Promenade). 14 km | 5.25 hours. Take in all the wonderful views Lake Bled offers by trekking the “From Hill to Hill around the Lake” trail that circles the entire basin — one of Slovenia’s most picturesque destinations. This trail hits all Lake Bled viewpoints, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • To Bled Castle (from Lakeside Promenade). 2 km | 45 minutes. Rest those tired legs, take an easy stroll up the paved path to St Martin’s Church, then trek up Rikli’s Path towards the castle. Feel like royalty as you walk the draw bridge and ascend the final steps to the fortress where you’ll feast on Slovene grub.

Northern Julian Alps

Explore the unique cultural ecosystem of the Northern Slovenia mountains. Sitting at the intersection of Slovenian, Austrian, and Italian borders, the north side of the country includes two seriously wicked hiking trails: the Alpe-Adria-Trail and the Juliana Trail.

  • Dom v Tamarju hut. 24 km | 7.5 hours. Beginning in the Tamar valley, crossing into Planica, and over the Korensko Sedlo pass into Austria, you’ll be a globetrotter by the time you kick your feet up tonight. 
  • Zelenci Nature Reserve. 2.5 km | 1 hour. Dive (not literally) into a stunning environment amidst the Slovenian Alps. Use the wooden walkways to explore this green unspoilt nature reserve without leaving a trace behind.

Kranjska Gora

Come to Kranjska Gora for the hikes, and stay for the skiing. These alpine peaks boast the best slopes in all of Slovenia. Nestled into the corner where Slovenia meets Austria and Italy, this tri-border ski hub will help you flex those multilingual muscles (and a few in your legs too).

  • Baumgartnerhöhe (Austria). 21.4 km | 8 hours. You’ll actually begin this section of the Alpe-Adria-Trail on the cusp of the Austrian border, crossing into Slovenia via the Vršič Pass at Kranjska Gora.
  • Vitranc Hall. 16.6 km | 4.5 hours. Kick off the first leg of the Juliana Trail, conquering the north face of the Julian Alps. At the edge of the Triglav National Park, you’ll enter the Vrata Valley.


You may not have heard of Mojstrana before, but you’ve seen its talent! So many Slovene Olympic athletes hail from this village, proudly placing Mojstrana on the world map. Amidst the Karavanke Alps, this town sits above the Vrata Valley: a common starting point of the Mt. Triglav summit.

  • Slovenian Alpine Museum. 20.5 km | 4.5 hours. The second leg of the Juliana Trail takes hikers along historical sections of the mountains via unpaved and cart roads, plus old mining trails to the once ironworking city of Jesenice.
  • Vrata Valley. 13.7 km | 11 hours. Climb Triglav from the north, just southwest of Mojstrana. This toughest route to Slovenia’s highest peak alternates between hiking trails and via ferrata; you’ll be flying high on adrenaline by the end of this journey.

Soča Valley in Western Slovenia

soca valley slovenia

The emerald River Soča is one of Slovenia’s greatest treasures. Home to an array of alpine outdoor activities, the Soča Valley is beyond a hiker, rafter, or canyoner’s wildest dreams.

  • Gabjre. 7.8 miles | 6.5 hours. Don’t skip the stair climber while training for your ascent up the steep Cold Peak. This circular trail guides you along ravines, alpine pastures, and mountain forests.
  • Bovec. 17.1 km | 7.5 hours. Put your thighs to WORK trekking this long-distance, gentle incline trail up Mt. Kanin. But you’ll hardly feel those burning quads as you emerge from the forest and spot the Bovec Basin, emerald Virje Waterfall, and impressive peaks surrounding you.

Slovenian Alps Hiking Gear

Stock up on your hiking gear so we can kick ass on the mountains — not have them kick our asses. So grab these must-have items for a worry-free time in the Slovenian Alps.

hiking in slovenia

We’re going to be on our feet. A lot. Proper hiking boots with good traction and ankle support and some full cushion socks are necessities. Plus, you’re gonna need some warm-but-not-too-warm UV-protectant pants that actually provide the flexibility you need. (Or your favorite biker shorts to show off those gams and some Earth-friendly sunscreen.)

And while we’re talking about pants, do yourself a favor, girl, and pick up anti-chafe balm. You. Will. Need. It. Grab a first-aid kit, too: one designed for mountain accidents. Knock on wood that you’ll never have to use it, but it’s way better to be prepared.

Ready to Get Hiking?

Ready to join our SLOVEly group of women conquering the Slovenian Alps, sleeping in huts between mountains, and creating a lifetime of memories? We’ll meet you in Slovenia, babe.

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