60th birthday trip ideas for mom

They say that 60 is the new 40 and certainly living 6 decades on this planet does not mean people have to give up on going on adventures. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking all you need for your 60th birthday is high tea, a cake and a new pair of slippers.

Instead book the trip of a lifetime and maybe even invite your daughter(s) for the ultimate mother daughter trip. Here are some awesome 60th birthday trip ideas for mom whether you want to travel alone or with female family members.

Las Vegas Weekend Adventure

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Vegas is well known as a great vacation destination for milestone birthdays but a trip to Sin City does not have to be all about malls, slot machines and novelty restaurants. There is so much more to explore in this region and lots of outdoorsy fun to be had. This trip works, whatever your birthday month.

The hotel you start this adventure in has a shark tank water slide. That alone iOS worth the journey. It’s on busy Fremont Street in downtown Vegas and has an onsite restaurant. Book spa treatments or head outside to explore all this hectic city has to offer.

Then during the outdoorsy part of the trip admire a billion stars, listen to the gentle splash of paddles on water. This really is a vacation of two halves!

You might have this destination on your birthday bucket list anyway but this trip is unique combining traditional Vegas fun with rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon, kayaking in the Hoover Dam and gourmet backwoods cuisine.You do need to have a decent level of fitness as days will be packed with activities.

Trip Details

  • Who This Is For: Fit and fun moms willing to learn new skills who like to be outdoorsy but also enjoy glitzy city fun.
  • Activities: Rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, hot springs, camping, time in downtown Las Vegas.
  • # of Days: 4 Days
  • Group Size: 12 Explorer Chicks

Galapagos Islands Tour and Multisport Adventure

Photo: Explorer Chick

If you are an animal lover this is most definitely the perfect milestone birthday treat for you. Warn everyone you know – they need to prepare to be bombarded with pictures of penguins, giant tortoises and swimming iguanas. Everyone I know who has been to this incredible destination says it’s one of their favorite places on Earth.

This Galapagos adventure includes snorkeling, swimming and kayaking so mom, you need to be able to swim. You should be OK with hiking for 5-6 hours on rough terrain at 2 miles an hour or be happy to train before traveling. You’ll be rewarded with close up views of an active volcano, crystal clear pools and a night on a mysterious island with black sand beaches. White sand beaches are so 2019! There might even be the opportunity to do a spot of whale watching.

The trip starts in the capital city of Ecuador, Quito, at the first of the boutique hotels you will be staying in. Quito is at high altitude so anyone with medical issues should check with a doctor before booking. Thumbs up from doc? Look forward to a wonderful time in this incredible country.

Trip Details

  • Who This Is For: Moms who love boutique hotels and want to go spotting wildlife in what might be the most beautiful place in the world.
  • Activities: Snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, boat trips, wildlife encounters.
  • # of Days: 9 Days
  • Group Size: 14 Explorer Chicks

Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu

Photo: Explorer Chick

History lovers-this is an amazing place to spend time in celebration of a special birthday. Enjoy gentle walking tours of Cusco to warm up those muscles, visit the shops and enjoy the culture and fine dining this great place offers. There’s plenty of time to get acclimatized, before following ancient Inca trails to see the Sacsayhuaman Unesco World Heritage archaeological site.

This trail trek trip (try saying that after a drink or two!) is super cool because as well as seeing the archaeological remnants of ancient cultures, mom will get to go on a day trip to meet members of the Willoc community which has preserved traditions from their Incan heritage.

This is an immersive experience where Explorer Chicks will eat lunch with the locals and learn about their age-old weaving techniques. Four days will be spent hiking the ancient Incan trail, supported by porters and chefs. I’m not gonna lie – thighs and glutes are going to feel every one of those Incan steps but it will all be worth it when you walk into the main attraction, Machu Picchu, during golden hour. Time to take pictures which will be the envy of your less adventurous best friends. Accommodation will be a hotel on some nights and deluxe camping during the rest.

Trip Details

  • Who This Is For: Moms who like (deluxe) camping, are excited by ancient civilisations, cultural experiences and think Machu Picchu is the perfect place to start the next decade of life.
  • Activities: Hiking, camping, sightseeing.
  • # of Days: 9 Days
  • Group Size: 12 Explorer Chicks
cta - biking, hiking, rafting peru

Unspoiled Hiking in Scotland

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There’s so much more to the UK than London and if you yearn to explore the Scottish wilderness with rocky coastlines, rugged mountains and lochs for miles with a dram of whisky (there’s no “e” in Scotch whisky) to warm you through before retiring to bed THIS is the birthday present for you.

Mom can meander along cobblestone streets in historic Edinburgh. Play “spot the kilt” as you explore the shops, art galleries and great restaurants in the medieval old town and update your Facebook profile pic using a selfie taken with the ancient castle looming behind you.

Travel through beautiful countryside towards the north-west Highlands on the train then take a road trip with your new fellow explorer besties.

This is a remote and unspoilt area of Britain with landscapes which have remained largely the same for centuries. Imagine vast lochs, rushing waterfalls, imposing peaks and tiny wooded islands along a rugged coastline.

This adventure’s hiking is classified as strenuous with up to 9 hours/13 miles a day up and down 3,218 foot tall peaks, Expect rough terrain and potentially lots of rain, even during summer. Make every day leg day before you travel to ensure you will cope with this off-road adventure. There will be plenty of hearty local food and drink to keep your energy levels up and lots of time to relax in this gorgeous country. Hey Mom. You might even be lucky enough to enjoy some live music, live jazz, rock or folk in a local pub within walking distance of your inn, or hear the wail of bagpipes during your birthday visit.

Accommodation in Scotland will be in cute and cozy inns with one memorable night in a real life Scottish castle!

Trip Details

  • Who This Is For: Fighting fit Moms who yearn to see Bonny Scotland and adore hiking in wilderness, a deserted windy beach and wide open spaces.
  • Activities: Hiking, sightseeing.
  • # of Days: 8 Days
  • Group Size: 12 Explorer Chicks

Wilderness Survival Training and Hiking in Virginia

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This would make a great mother and daughter trip combining the great outdoors and the chance to learn personal self protection along with wilderness survival tips on a course led by experts in their field.

You will learn how to make wilderness shelters, light firesand which bugs are the tastiest, but everyone will actually stay in rooms with bunk beds at a cozy mountain lodge with a home cooked breakfast, lunch and a home cooked dinner provided throughout the four days.

Learn how to recognise threatening behavior, break free from an aggressive hold and how to use everyday items as weapons. You always knew being a Mom meant you had to be a superhero to run your family life, but after completing this course you will be able to fight like one too.

This trip is short but organizers have a packed itinerary planned including conquering the most iconic summits on the Appalachian trail. This trekking trip is classed as moderate to strenuous but don’t worry Mom, you will get time to rest in the grounds of the remote woodland lodge sharing stories and making new friends.

Trip Details

  • Who This Is For: Moms who may be living alone for the first time or who have lost their confidence.
  • Activities: Hiking, survival workshop, backwoods personal self protection.
  • # of Days: 4 Days
  • Group Size: 11 Explorer Chicks

Let’s celebrate mom’s 60th together!

Moms 60th
Photo: Explorer Chick

Turning 60 is a milestone to celebrate as after all that time parenting you finally get to invest in yourself. Whether you fancy an island retreat, an overseas hiking trip, horseback riding in exotic lands, seeing the Northern Lights or Mayan ruins, or time basking on a white sand beach, Explorer Chicks has a carefully curated adventure for you. Join a small women-only expedition and mark this new chapter in your life making memories you can recall when you really do have to hang up your hiking boots.

celebrate your birthday with other women

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