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Croatia is one of those destinations which has been a bit of a secret which only seasoned travelers adept at sniffing out unspoiled destinations seemed to know about. This European country with mountains, forests and lakes, countless islands and islets and a gorgeous coastline is an explorer and an influencer’s dream.

High Season And Low Season In Croatia

Croatia enjoys warm dry summers and cool winters. During the summer months of June, July and August the Adriatic coast is popular with people who love water sports, beach time and the Mediterranean climate.

In winter visitors can marvel at frozen waterfalls, ski and enjoy a traditional European Christmas festival like Dubrovnik’s unique winter festival which runs from Advent to the New Year offering a whole host of cultural events.

In the fall when most of the sunbathers have gone the cooler weather is ideal for exploring. You can expect stunning foliage and fewer crowds. During the shoulder season travel, car hire and hotel prices should be cheaper too.

Excursions and ferries etc usually run up until the end of September so if you want to do some island hopping without crowds, early in the fall is the perfect time to plan your trip.

Read our guide on things to do in Croatia for more inspiration!

croatia in the fall
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Croatia In The Fall: What You Need To Know

The Weather

The weather in Croatia in autumn is usually very pleasant with temperatures typically up in the high 60’s until the end of October.

As autumn beds in you can expect shorter days, more rain and cooler temperatures at night… you will definitely need layers. Pack a couple of sweaters and waterproofs if you want to enjoy the great outdoors.

From November onwards you will see the first frosts with temperatures typically around 48 degrees inland and 59-63 on the coast. Time to dig out that snuggly winter coat and cute beanie.


Crowds & Costs

Typically prices start to fall after the first week of September when most European children go back to school.

Hotels, car hire and excursions will all generally be cheaper than in the summer season and with fewer crowds you can expect a more intimate experience at popular Croatian attractions including Krka national park, Plitvice lakes national park and the country’s historic cities.

Of course you may find some hotels and restaurants close in the off season as most travelers return home but with a host of festivals, national parks and cultural attractions to visit, autumn is still an excellent time to visit Croatia.

Places to Visit

  • Plitvice national park. The oldest and largest of Croatia’s national parks, Plitvice is situated in the mountainous central region of the country and is a Unesco world heritage site. The park is best known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes culminating in impressive waterfalls. There are gorgeous photogenic winding wooden walkways to help you see the best features of the park, and a million places snap a selfie which will be the envy of the internet.
  • Dubrovnik. The Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik in south Croatia is situated on the coast. The surrounding old town is incredible, another World Heritage Site and a walk along the city walls is a must. Host to multiple cultural festivals and a great base for exploring the country – don’t forget to ride the cable car when you visit.
  • Southern Croatia. Dubrovnik is a fabulous (and popular) destination but there is so much more to explore in the southern region of Croatia. Think stunning beaches on the Dalmatian coast, jaw-droppingly beautiful national parks, vineyards, lakes and rivers all make the perfect playground for outdoorsy types.
  • Split. Located in Dalmatia, must-see historic attractions in Split include Diocletian’s Palace, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, and the striking Grgur Ninski Statue.

See our recommendations on a map! Get our map here.

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Events In October

Visit Croatia in October and you can enjoy all the same activities as summer visitors but with a backdrop of the gorgeous colorful hues of autumnal foliage. Go hiking, cycling, rock climbing and kayaking, explore ancient settlements and join the locals at a host of autumn festivals.

  • Zigante Truffle Days. Every weekend in October foodies celebrate the not so humble truffle at events in the small town of Livade, known as the truffle capital of the world, and across the Istrian peninsula. Find out more here.
  • Green River Festival in Zagreb. The Capital city of Croatia Zagreb hosts a fairly new eco-friendly festival on the banks of the beautiful River Sava offering music performances and workshops with electric power from solar energy. Get more info here.
  • Marunada Festival. For almost 50 years this festival has been held to celebrate marun, a small, light coloured sweet chestnut. Throughout October in the town of Lovran there’s a whole host of festival events with tastings, competitions, cultural demonstrations and music. Find out more here.
Hiking in Croatia

Other Benefits To Visiting Croatia In The Fall

If you have never visited Croatia, truthfully, there is no bad time to go. But the fall is just beautiful and with slightly cooler temperatures making exploring the history, geography and culture of this fascinating country more comfortable for most it makes sense to look at the shoulder seasons.

Here are some good reasons to explore Croatia in the autumn.

  • Cheaper flights. Browse flight finder sites like Skyscanner to pinpoint when flights are cheapest. Sign up for alerts and be flexible for the best prices.
  • Fall colors. The country’s national parks are beautiful all year round but when the leaves start to turn, that fall foliage will blow you away.
  • Fewer crowds. Queuing up to take pictures takes some of the shine off. That perfect view could be ruined at any time by a clueless tourist wandering into shot. Avoid crowds by visiting out of the peak season.
  • Accommodation is cheaper. Accommodation can cost half the price in the fall compared to summer. This means you can stay longer or indulge in a better standard of accommodation. (Or just save some money)
  • Enjoy the autumn harvest. Marun, truffles, olives and more are autumn seasonal treats in Croatia. Head to the market or one of Croatia’s many food festivals to mingle with the locals and discover some new foodie faves.

Join us in Croatia!

For an action packed adventure exploring ancient cities, spectacular national parks and many many islands you should book a trip to Croatia with Explorer Chick. Go hiking and biking, enjoy a speed boat tour, go truffle hunting and wine tasting and make lots of new cool friends in the process. Discover Croatia before the secret’s out.

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