The New Normal: NOT another article about Social Distancing

Remember those days, not so long ago, when all we wanted to do was disconnect. Disconnect from the world. Escape the grid. Go where there are no crowds or others. Get lost in a sea of solitude.

Today, I was tasked with writing copy for a project to go live now – during the pandemic. The first thing I do when writing is figure out the message. A word or sentence that conveys everything. I suppose this would be the theme. Sometimes it comes naturally, it’s easy.

But today, I needed time to reflect. To really think on it to send the right message. These are bizarre, unprecedented times. Not business as usual.

I’m already a bit of a lone wolf. I work from home. Travel quite a bit solo. I’ve driven across the US on more than one occasion alone but for the radio. I don’t venture out during the week too often unless to run errands, go to my climbing gym, or to ride my bike – mostly by myself.

So, when the stay-at-home orders came through I thought, “I got this licked.” Not a big lifestyle change for me.

But this weekend, it finally hit. I missed my friends, my people, my tribe. Sure, I can still go to the grocery store and I’ve been delivering pizza part-time during this – it gets me out of the house. But I long for conversations face to face over food or on the trail with the people who “get me.”

I miss experiences with people. I miss exchanging situational jokes and laughter. I miss feeling that energy, reading body language. I miss giving a hug, a high five, a tap on the shoulder. I miss goofing off coupled with exaggerated gestures. I miss that sensation of the warm and fuzzies when surrounded by those you love. I miss being there for people.

As I reflected on the theme of my message, I asked myself, “What will I desire most when the day of Great Emergence is upon us?”

The answer: To reconnect.

To smile and laugh with people circled up in a group. Not scattered, but together. Really together. That’s the image I have in my head.

The days of seeking disconnect are over.

I’ll still crave the solitude of the rugged back country or unexplored trails, but not without a rowdy bunch to share it with.

Stay well. Stay restless. And when the time comes, the reunion will be epic. 💛

Nick Bruckmann

Explorer Chick Founder

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