Jessica Urton

Jessica is an Explorer Chick Guide who, with her three amazing daughters, stepped out on a journey to search for kindness, love, sharing, and peace in this world. We have news for you, they found it! They found it on the trails, caves, under the water, and hanging from the edge of cliffs. Jessica’s message is to overcome fear, challenge yourself, be grateful and always help others along their journey!

In the summer Jessica is a camp host and volunteer at Caesar Creek Stare Park, in Southwestern Ohio. She leads group hikes, works on trail maintenance, and enjoys connecting with the amazing people she meets. Jessica is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, leading many retreats with an emphasis on mindfulness. She is also an Ohio-certified volunteer naturalist (OCVN) with education on how to interpret our local environment and share that knowledge with everyone. She is certified in WFA and open water SCUBA. You can find Jessica off-trail running, kayaking, and exploring caves. Jessica’s passion is taking the knowledge she gains from her own personal quest to continually learn, and share with everyone. This is the key to the preservation of our beautiful world.
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