4 Expert Tips for Skinny Dipping (And Other Naked Swimming Info)

explorer chicks skinny dipping
Explorer Chicks living it up on our Las Vegas weekend adventure.

In a world where we’re constantly being told to cover up, fewer things are more freeing than stripping down for a relaxing, uninhibited swim. Jumping in the lake wearing nothing but your birthday suit can be such a soothing, refreshing experience after a long hike on a hot summer day. 

If you’ve never been skinny dipping before, being nude in nature can take a little getting used to. Here we’re talking all things swimming naked so you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

What Is Skinny Dipping?

what is skinny dipping definition

Skinny dipping or swimming in the buff is the term given to taking a dip or swimming sans any clothing or bathing suit. The term comes from the idea of getting in the water in nothing but your ‘skin.’ 

Any body of water will do, whether it’s a lake, pond, ocean, or pool, but lots of people enjoy the thrill of swimming naked in outdoor settings. Those who dare to BARE it all and swim naked swear by the total freedom of the experience. In fact, there’s even a day every summer dedicated to skinny dipping! The second Saturday in July is known as International Skinny Dipping Day and celebrates the liberating experience of natural, nude swimming.

Is Skinny Dipping Good for You?

woman jumping into a lake
Jumping into a lake on a watery Explorer Chick trip.

People who love to go skinny dipping swear by the benefits, physical and emotional. Swimming in cool water is said to boost your immune system and improve circulation, and we can only imagine the experience is even better without the barrier of swimsuits! 

The feeling of moving through the water with the least amount of resistance is both refreshing and calming to those who are willing to live on the edge a little. Some even report feeling a stronger closeness with nature when they skinny dip.

Is Skinny Dipping Illegal?

In most public places both indoor and outdoor, skinny dipping is considered public nudity and is therefore illegal. 

If you’re visiting an area where skinny dipping seems popular, do your research and pay attention to rules and regulations to be sure you’re not breaking the law by skinny dipping. Places like natural hot springs on public land are public, and even though in such places the norm may be nudity, you may not want to risk being rolled up on by authorities who don’t agree.

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To be sure you’re safe to go skinny dipping and soak up some sun naked, do some research on a nude beach where no-suit is the norm. Nudity and swimming naked are permitted in these areas and you can be sure the people around you are on the same page about what’s okay not to wear. There are a bunch of nude beaches across the U.S., and in other countries nudity on the beach is more accepted in a lot of places. You may even be able to find a resort or camping with a private nude beach on site! Even better, maybe a private hot tub.

Not sure about getting nude in another country (or visiting one at all)? Book an adventure with us and we’ll deal with all the details! And don’t worry, when it comes to getting naked, we Explorer Chicks are ready for a good time.

4 Pro Tips for Swimming Naked

explorer chicks swimming in a lake

So you’re ready to ditch the clothes and jump full swing into skinny dipping. It takes a special kind of person to be so bold and brave, and we at Explorer Chick FULLY support this. You go girl!

To help you on your journey, here are some pro tips from expert skinny dipping.

1. Scout Out the Location

We mentioned doing your research to make sure skinny dipping is permitted in the area you’re going to, but we know that adventurous babes sometimes bend the rules a little bit. While we never recommend breaking the law, if you’re headed somewhere that might not be totally legit, do a little recon to scout out the area and make sure you can do your naked swimming discreetly.

2. Your Best Bet Is At Night

If you have any concerns about privacy or being seen, you’re better off doing your skinny dipping at night. It’s okay if you’re not one to skinny dip in front of others. At night there are generally way fewer people around, and anyone who might be isn’t likely to mind what they can’t see.

3. Don’t Forget A Towel

Of course, we’ve all seen the movie nightmare where someone goes skinny dipping and has their clothes stolen but hopefully, the chances of that happening to you are slim. It can be a pain to pull your clothes back on when you’re wet and take that much longer to get covered up once you’re out of the water. 

The towel will afford you some fast privacy should you want it. Plus, if you’re swimming at night especially, you’re going to want to get warm fast. A big comfy towel to throw around you and dry off will be your white knight after a naked dip.

4. You Never Have to go Skinny Dipping

Clothing optional means optional, and it’s completely valid to have a different comfort level than the people around you. Even if other people are stripping down for some nude bathing, you have zero obligation to get down to your birthday suit. We can only hope that every group is as supportive as those who travel with Explorer Chick, but as much as we stand with nude and semi-nude adventures, we maintain that if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it.

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