Momentos Mágicoin in Baja California Sur

There’s something altogether different about our one-of-a-kind Baja Out to Sea adventure, that sets it apart from our more strenuous trips. While given the chance to push their limits and try their hand at new skills like surfing, freediving, scuba, and snorkeling, Explorer Chicks on this adventure also get to flex a skill they may not have had the opportunity to use in a while—the art of relaxing, unplugging from social media, and in this case, letting the ocean take you where it wants.

Arguably one of our most low-key adventures, this Mexican cruise on a 50-foot liveaboard boat has the perfect balance of adventurous activities and real downtime – time our Explorer Chicks use to share stories about their lives, goals, wishes, and dreams, to crack inappropriate jokes, sip margaritas, have impromptu dance and karaoke parties, to lay on the bow stargazing, and form the friendships and close bonds. The real magic happens on these trips, and we’re so incredibly lucky to experience it with each other.

Dessert gets a seal of approval

One of the most magical moments on our most recent trip south of the border? The second night on our floating home (after an unforgettable day swimming with whale sharks), we were in the middle of eating our delicious dinner (marlin filets with a citrus salad!). Suddenly, we heard a splash of water just outside of our cabin. Well, it’s not every day you hear splashing around while you’re eating dinner! We all quickly jumped out of our seats to see what the commotion was about. In the underwater lights on our boat, we saw dozens of fish gleaming in the light, darting around as they caught small plankton and krill for their dinner. However, the splash we’d heard was bigger than these fish. So we waited another moment and were rewarded with a California sea lion! She was grabbing one of those fish in her mouth and biting it cleanly in half. We were able to watch her swim as we ate our dessert (a traditional Mexican gelatin with local cheese), then got a few laughs at her interactions with a pelican who came in close to investigate her leftovers.

Seal swimming during a vacation in Baja Calfornia Sur, Mexico Seal swimming in the water during a vacation in Baja California, Mexico

As we cut the underwater lights and let our eyes adjust to the darkness of a night at sea with almost no moon, we noticed a subtle green shimmer in the water. Grabbing one of our SUP paddles, we tested the water by giving it a gentle stir. We were rewarded with a swirl of glowing emerald green bioluminescence! Marine bioluminescence is created by microscopic plankton that emit light similar to fireflies when disturbed, and we were surrounded by millions of them. After everyone had a turn giving the water a swirl with the paddle, I asked, “Who wants to jump in?” After just a second’s hesitation, Explorer Chick Emily said “hell yes,” and we ran to the back of the boat.

A shimmery, secret skinny dip

As we were stripping down to our bikinis, Emily casually said, “You know, skinny dipping is on my bucket list.” You know we couldn’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass us by! Emily and I jumped into the dark sea—completely naked—and were shocked at the chill of the water, but that chill vanished as soon as we saw the galaxies of light swirling around us as we treaded water. The other five Explorer Chicks, emboldened by Emily’s bravery, decided “why the hell not”? They stripped down and jumped in with us! What a perfect example of women empowering women, and supporting each other when given the chance to step outside of our comfort zones.

One of the best parts to me? Bioluminescence is almost impossible to capture on camera (especially in the pitch dark on a rocking boat!). Meaning? This moment truly only exists in our memories. There’s not a single photo of us swimming in the dark, glowing waters that night. These Explorer Chicks truly did this for themselves, not for the ‘gram.

I don’t think I could give any better example of the magic of the sea. This is the power of the goals and dreams shared. It’s the depths of vulnerability, trust, and genuine support these women gave each other on this Baja adventure. Together, these six Explorer Chicks conquered new skills. They witnessed the incredible biodiversity of the ocean and challenged themselves and pushed their comfort zones. Most importantly, they supported each other in every way, and truly created memories and friendships that will last.

Salud to our Baja California Explorer Chicks!

Women standing on beach in swimsuit bottoms during a vacation in Baja California, Mexico

Would you jump into a glowing, shimmering sea at night? Join us in November on our next Baja Out to Sea Adventure!

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