Nicki Bruckmann

Nicki is the Founder of Explorer Chick, a breaker of American Dreams, and the Head Instigator of SHE-nanigans.

She did that whole Adult thing for a while – bought a house, got married, worked a promising corporate career. Turns out she didn’t fit that mold very well, so she broke that American Dream in 2014 with a divorce and set out to reinvent herself. Tapping back into her curious, explorer roots she launched Explorer Chick that same year with next to nothing but a crazy idea, blind/ignorant ambition, grit, and sheer determination. (Read the whole story HERE.)

Without the walls and cubes, her passion for the outdoors and life was rekindled to a full on love affair. She’s hiked in 43 states, high pointed 36 of them, explored 5 continents and over 15 countries. She is a climber of all things – she will proudly show off and hug her ice climbing tools. She’s a mountaineer, a cyclist, a terrible surfer, a jumper off of things into water, a sunset lover, a novice photographer, a serial road tripper, and an annual National Park Pass carrier. Her second home is Gertrude – her camper van that occasionally needs an hour long tow from remote locations with spotty cell service.

When she is home in Cincinnnati, you’ll find her cycling to local breweries, falling off the wall at the bouldering gym, making her house a home, taking advantage of her kitchen, and squeezing in as much time as possible with her family and friends.

Ultimately, she is grateful to surround herself with strong women to experience personal growth in both body and mind. It’s Explorer Chicks and her Dream Team who inspire her to be a better version of herself!

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