2020 Women’s Adventure Film Tour Virtual Screening by Explorer Chick

Let’s get Cray in our PJ(s)

And celebrate kick ass women

So my rhyming might suck, but you get the point.

The spring theater line-up for the Women’s Adventure Film Tour might have been blown to smithereens compliments of our old pal COVID. But, women of the wild are RESILIENT!

Take that COVID

We SHALL gather together to root on our sisters pushing limits in the outdoors.

We SHALL be inspired to get off our Quarantine keesters to kick it into high gear.

We SHALL not be Quiet during the movie.

And we SHALL do it all while rocking our favorite PJs and Nalgene bottles filled with boozy concoctions. 🤘

Yep – Typical Explorer Chick SHE-nanigans coming your way this Tuesday with our exclusive screening of the Women’s Adventure Film Tour (Did you hear that we are one of the film’s national sponsors?)

ALL women are celebrated with 7 films documenting world-class athletes, unlikely mountaineers, hometown heroes, intrepid explorers seeking those highly cherished first sends, and many more. #realwomenrealadventures

Yeah, the Explorer Chick Team has already screened it and it’s inspiring AF.

And, it’s not just a montage of top female athletes accomplishing the impossible. Okay, yes, there’s a Pro Athlete who will have you on the edge of your seat with a pillow to hide your eyes.

But, many of the stories are of ordinary women who set out to do extraordinary things. That’s where the inspiration lies. ⚡ Who knows what might happen afterward?

Heck, add some wine to the mix, and you just might feel inspired to train for a marathon, ride your bike farther than ever, start a checklist of your state’s parks to hike, travel solo to a new country, or fold that heap of laundry sitting in the corner.

Me? I found the tribeswomen climbing Kilimanjaro, particularly soul awakening. Just wow. These ladies are tough.

Our “theater” for the night is a fancy Facebook Event set up right now. It’s where you’ll find the “ticket booth.”

It’s also where you’ll need to be on Tuesday at 7:45 pm EST to gather with your Explorer Chick Tribe and Live Chat the screening.

I’ll see you there, Explorer Chicks!

Explorer Chick Founder

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