You are Not Alone

The Golden Girls have your back

What in the world do the Golden Girls have in common with Explorer Chick?


The sass, the wit, the love, the real talk, the support, the range of personality, the living under one roof with strangers who become best friends.

I found it only appropriate to depict exactly how your very first Explorer Chick adventure mental journey unfolds using Golden Girls gifs.

Once upon a time….

You book that Bucketlist trip you have always dreamed of with Explorer Chick. Maybe it’s after extensive research and several emails to Amy (our operations manager), or for your birthday, or maybe you just got a wild hair up your hiney after a few too many following a work Happy Hour. HERE WE GO!


Fast Forward ⏭ It’s crunch time. You are just a few weeks away! And guess what? You are freaking out! You are doubting yourself. All the thoughts are running through your head.


“Am I fit enough?” You’ll email us your training regiment asking if it’s enough (Because hiking on a treadmill at 15% grade with your loaded day pack for 60 minutes 3 x per week, Crossfit, and yoga is not enough training 🤨 #truestory). You have been busting your hump training since the day you signed up. Yet, you are terrified of holding anyone back or being the slowest.


“Crap. I don’t anyone!” *Insert the introvert, socially awkward scaries here* In a moment of brazen bravery you signed up for your first trip solo. Now you are panicking because you’ll be sharing a room with a stranger and stuck with some women for the next week all of whom might hate you or think you’re a total weirdo or be catty meanie-heads.


“I’m too are too old for this crap and this crew.” What if you are the oldest? You’ll worry about your age and if you’ll have anything in common with the women on your adventure. What are kids saying these days and can I get my nephew to teach me how to Floss?


You are so angry with us because your deposit is Non-Refundable and all you want to do is cancel – to not go through with it. You swear you are not strong enough. You’ll be the slowest. You don’t want to hold anyone back. You don’t know anyone else on the trip. You are too old. You don’t deserve this. Why the hell did you do this to yourself? Ahhhhh!!!!


Fast Forward. Again! ⏭ Day 1 of your adventure. Without much effort ☝ And these SHE-nanigans ensue for the next 7 days without missing a beat and with too many inside jokes to count.


The last day of your Adventure is the hardest. Explorer Chick tried to kill you by making you jump off waterfalls, raft Class 5 rapids, hike a bajillion miles up a mountain, dangle from a rope down a rock face, ride a board in a roaring ocean and do all of it in all the weather. Yet, the mental fortitude you had to conjure up for all of that dwarfs into comparison to that final day. The day you have fight to keep the tears back as you hug it out with your newest, closest friends. No “Good Bye’s,” only “See you later.”


Your group chat on Whatsapp or Messenger stays lit cause now you’re planning your next Explorer Chick adventure, night out back home together, or the weekend you’ll visit one another.


How do I know this will all happen? I have a Magic 8 Ball. Duh. 🧙‍♀️ And, we’ve also been doing this for a while now. We get the same emails leading up to our adventures. All the doubts. All the nerves. All the scaries. And then the same emails and social media posts afterwards. All the love. All the kindness. All the support. All the friendships.

So, when those Pre-Adventure nerves and jitters kick in, know that you are not alone. Your Explorer Chick Team is always an email away. You can send us all of your doubts and fears. We’ll gladly talk you off that figurative cliff before we talk you off that literally cliff. 🙌

It’s only a matter of time before you’re harmonizing a sing-a-long to the Golden Girls theme song with your Explorer Chick squad.

Cheers to Boundless Adventures, Explorer Chick!

Nicki Bruckmann
Explorer Chick, Founder

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