Review: Kula Cloth, The Antimicrobial Pee Cloth For Hiking

kula cloth

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Right at the end of a scenic hike, a squelching sound accompanied by an incredible stench startled Anastasia Allison. Instantly she spun around, sighting a giant ball of toilet paper rolling down a hill. Immediately she jumped into action and captured photos of her invention in action, secured a patent, and won invention of the year on Shark Tank!

Luckily, that didn’t really happen. But while exploring some destinations, it certainly can feel like you’re about to be consumed by an avalanche of toilet paper.

Instead, Anastasia Allison, the founder of Kula Cloth, was thoroughly enjoying a picturesque sunset over Robin Lakes on a trip to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington State. That was until she happened upon a giant pile of toilet paper hidden behind a large Larch Tree. 

Three years of research and testing later, and Anastasia had come up with her final Kula Cloth design.

So what is a Kula Cloth? It’s a sustainable and reusable pee cloth or pee rag. And now we’ve discovered them, they’re a piece of equipment that we don’t venture into a wilderness setting without.

Overview: Kula Cloth

Perfect for: The Kula pee cloth is perfect for basically anyone who squats to pee, eliminating the inconvenience of packing in toilet rolls and hiking it back out again.

pee cloth


  • Weight and space-saving: The Kula Cloth will save you from having to carry a lot of extra weight in your backpack on your next hike.
  • Convenient: The Kula Cloth is foldable, lightweight, quick-drying, and machine washable.
  • Customer service: The Kula Cloth team is well known to be a delight to deal with. They’re responsive, helpful, and down to earth.


  • It’s all upvotes from us: Honestly, we have nothing bad to say about the Kula Cloth. It boasts a simple design, works well, saves rubbish, and is sustainable. What’s there to complain about?!


Weight0.63oz or 17.86 grams
Dimensions6×6 inches or 152.4×152.4 mm

Who the Kula Cloth Is For

When you gotta go, you gotta go. With Kula, you can pee with confidence, knowing you have a soft, absorptive, and reusable cloth to help you keep clean while out exploring the wilderness. So whether you’re a trail runner, weekend warrior, backpacking enthusiast, or just a casual camper, Kula will keep you feeling clean and confident in the wild.

Kula Cloth Key Features

Alongside the Kula Cloth’s innovative design, it also has a ton of unique features that we love and is why we always pack one on all of our adventures. What can we say, we’re pros at peeing outside.

Antimicrobial Silver-Infused Fabric

Good hygiene isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve while exploring the backcountry. Showers are few and far between, and often the only chance for a wash is to brave the icy waters of a nearby lake. 

The team at Kula Cloth realized this. That’s why their pee cloths are manufactured using advanced silver-infused fabric.

Silver contains positively charged ions that draw microbes and bacteria in like a magnet. It has a 99.9% success rate, allowing you peace of mind hiking while eliminating the risk of infection.

kula clothes

Sustainable Material

Aligning with Kula Cloth’s positive impact outlook, their various reusable antimicrobial pee cloth options are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. The eco-friendly materials used by Kula Cloth break away from the traditional pee cloth options that are often manufactured using non-organic and synthetic materials. 

Comparatively, Kula Cloths are made from bamboo viscose, organic cotton, and durable, long-lasting polyester – materials that are more sustainable and minimize potential environmental impact.

Double Snap Strap

To make transport and use super easy, the Kula Cloth features a durable, hypoallergenic double snap strap. These plastic snaps easily lock to your pack and the plastic snaps can also be used to fold the cloth in half – discreetly hiding the plain black dimpled side (the side you wipe with).

Retro-Reflective Thread

Hiking requires a ton of rehydration, meaning midnight visits to a nearby shrub are almost a certainty. If you’d rather not alert everybody in camp of your toilet habits, the Kula Cloth is equipped with a thrifty little retro reflective thread strip that allows you to easily locate it at night. 

Saving you the hassle of turning on your headlamp and, instead, allowing you to discreetly slip out of your tent, do your business, and take in the wonders of the night sky.

kula cloths

Leave No Trace Friendly

Kula Cloth literally makes it their business to encourage Leave No Trace principles; their reusable antimicrobial pee cloths are testament to this. 

Save yourself hiking in toilet paper, save the environment the hassle of breaking it down, and save your pack having to deal with the smell. Instead, pack yourself a Kula Cloth, do your business, and hike out – leaving everything just the way it was.


One of the unique features of Kula Cloths is their amazing designs. Through their artist series, Kula often collaborates with a bunch of different artists like Claire Giordano, Andrea Larko, and Amanda McIntyre to produce extraordinary designs that make a great addition to any hiking gear junky’s kit. 

Not only that, Kula also allows you to get creative. Simply send in your design and Kula will make your very own custom Kula Cloth!

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Refund/Returns Info

Kula Cloth offers their customers a 30-day returns policy on all of their products. Because of the nature of the product, to be eligible for an exchange or refund, the Kula Cloth must be unopened and in its original packaging.


Can I use a Kula Cloth during my period?

Yes. If you’re having your period while out on the trails, you can most definitely still use your Kula Cloth. The plain black dimpled side of the cloth is very absorbent and will hide any visible menstrual blood. To stick to the Leave No Trace philosophy, a menstrual cup can be coupled with a Kula Cloth to alleviate you completely of having to pack in and hike out any sanitary products.

How do I clean a Kula Cloth?

If you are heading out on a day trip, there is no need to wash your Kula Cloth. Although for longer trips, you can simply use a biodegradable soap coupled with a little water to wash it out. Using the double snap strap, you can then hang from your pack or tree branch to dry out in the sun.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, we wouldn’t know what to do without our Kula Cloth. They save the backache from hiking in toilet paper; they help reduce the unsightly waste you sometimes stumble across, and they’re made right here locally in the United States.

We’ve used our Kula Cloths while exploring many of the must-see destinations from around the world and they’ve made a fantastic addition to our hiking kits.

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