A Guide to Glamping Near Zion National Park

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Explorer Chicks on the Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park Hiking and Glamping trip.

The “Mighty Five” or the five National Parks in Utah each offer something unique and spectacular, but glamping (glamorous camping) near Zion National Park can give you the best opportunity to enjoy Utah’s spectacular desert.  

What to Expect From a Zion Glamping Adventure

A Zion glamping adventure marries everything you’d expect for a National Parks trip. Campers can expect a weekend of jaw dropping scenic views, daring outdoor adventures and newfound friendships.    

Your Luxury Tents 

Traditional tent camping can be an uncomfortable (even car camping), unenjoyable experience for those who either aren’t used to roughing it in the outdoors or others who just want a little creature comforts of home during their vacations. Glamping is a fantastic option for people who are looking to have an outdoor adventure without skimping on amenities. 

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Glam camping is a way for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy nature — without sacrificing a comfortable bed and a cold margarita. You have electricity, heaters, and often showers, but all within a sturdy tent structure instead of hotel walls. 

The Food 

Guests are consistently surprised by just how creative you can get with camping food. And with glamping, you can pretty much get as fancy as you want.

Good food without a traditional kitchen can be a little more challenging, but on a Zion glamping adventure, meals can be just as delicious as a dinner at a hotel — and the views are way better! 

“I loved the lunch sandwiches SO much I have started making them at home and sharing them with friends.”

Explorer Chick on our Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park Hiking and Glamping Adventure in June, 2021

The Stargazing 

Zion’s night sky is a chance to experience some of the best star gazing out there. The National Park is listed as an International Dark Sky destination, a certification given to areas that aren’t impacted by massive light pollution so you can actually witness the beauty of a clear night sky in true darkness. 

With so many places denying us a chance to see thousands of stars glistening in the sky, having a few nights at camp to marvel at the constellations is a great way to relax and regroup with yourself. Nothing reminds us how small, yet wildly connected to the universe we are quite as much as staring up at the milky way. 

What is the Best Month to Glamp at Zion National Park

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Choosing the right time to visit a park can make or break your trip. Inclement weather can spoil your hike or outdoor activities and an overcrowded park can defeat the purpose of your trip. 

Any time from May to November would be the ideal time for Zion glamping adventures. That being said, it will most likely be when other visitors are exploring the park as well, so there are times within that window where there may be an influx of vacationers. 

Keep in mind that arriving early to the park is the best time to avoid crowds (and heat) and have an enjoyable time when visiting the park. Between March and October there is a shuttle that moves visitors through the park, so timing is crucial to steer clear of those mid day masses during the busier seasons. 

While Zion National Park may be one of the most visited national parks with 3.6 million visitors in 2020 alone, there are plenty of spots in the park to find a quiet beautiful piece of nature to enjoy.

What to Bring Glamping in Zion National Park

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Zion is a higher altitude red-rock desert, which means you get hot, arid temperatures during the day and cooler temps that can feel chilly with so little humidity at night. With such dynamic weather changes, it’s best to pack for chilly nights and sweaty days. That means layers.    

The one piece of equipment that you absolutely need is a pair of comfortable hiking shoes. Not brand spanking new ones either — they need to be broken in. The last thing you want is for blisters to appear and spoil your hike with painful feet.  

Things to Do While Luxury Camping at Zion

The possibilities for an unforgettable park experience in Zion are almost endless. There’s something for everyone when planning activities in and around the park. 

A Zion glamping adventure however isn’t complete without channeling your inner outdoor enthusiast and getting active at the park. These are some of Explorer Chick’s favorite activities in the area (and things we do during our adventures).


angels landing hike

Zion’s Angels Landing trail, arguably one of the most famous hikes of all 63 National Parks, has insane views and a massive accomplishment factor hiking up the chains. 

Angels Landing may be too intense for some hikers or those looking for a less strenuous experience, and that’s okay! The park has many other jaw-droppingly beautiful ways to connect with nature on foot. If you decide the more technical parts of the hike aren’t for you, you can hike a portion of the trail and still enjoy the views.     

“After a few weeks home and time to reflect it’s even harder to pick a favorite.  Angel’s Landing is iconic.”

Explorer Chick Donna


canyoneering in zion

Canyoneering in Zion is an ideal place for both novice or expert canyoneering enthusiasts. With so many slot canyons Zion National Park is THE place to check out canyoneering. Whether it’s your first time or you want an epic advanced canyoneering adventure, it’s got something for everyone. 

The “Narrows” and the “Subway” are two iconic spots for any type of canyoneering enthusiast. 


Prefer wheels over feet? Not to worry. There are plenty of gorgeous biking trails throughout Zion National Park. 

While biking is permitted on any of the roadways throughout Zion National Park, the only trail you can use with bikes is the Pa’rus Trail. Following the Virgin River along the lower canyon, the Pa’rus Trail is a delightful out and back paved route that lets you take in the dramatic surroundings. You can always find out more about the cycling rules and regs at the park before going out for a ride. Because most of the park’s roadways are shuttle only, Zion National Park can be an extremely peaceful place for biking.

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