The Ultimate Women’s Jordan and Petra Adventure Tour

Introducing our Brand New 2020 Adventure: Ultimate Jordan Adventure with the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and Petra

Have you been following along over on our Social Media as we have been dropping hints and drool worthy photos of our newest 2020 trip? Did you guess our next adventure?

I am very excited to say it is finally here! In 2020 the Explorer Chicks are headed to Jordan! 🐪 And boy, is it a Desert Dream come to life!

Jordan has been on our radar for quite some time as it is an up and coming destination. As it should be! Jordan captivates visitors with her rich diversity of history, welcoming hospitality, other-worldly landscapes, delectable cuisine, and exquisitely preserved archaeological sites.

So, last spring I sent Adventure Mastermind and Explorer Chick Dream Team Extraordinaire Becca to scout it out. She returned raving about the other unbelievable hiking, the heavenly food, the undeniably kindhearted people, the storied history, and the purity of adventure. It was a no brainer to add Jordan to our 2020 Adventure Playlist.

The final product is our: Ultimate Jordan Adventure with the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and Petra.

Oh, tell you more? Sure, thing!

But first, start humming the Indiana Jones theme song…

Alright! Hold on tight. HERE WE GO!

We jump right into the adventure with canyoning off the King Road where you’ll hike, jump, and swim through milky blue waters with towering basalt walls towering overhead. After a day of adventure, you’ll rest your head in a cozy Eco-Lodge nestled in the quiet Dana Nature Reserve.

Then, you’ll hike one of the most beautiful sections of the famous Jordan Trail to Little Petra. You’ll get your first experience of the Bedouin Camps on this night! (Nicki, what is Bedouin? Bedouins are the nomadic Arabic people who inhabit the area). Yes, you can expect beautiful tents adorned with authentic flair.

The following morning, you’ll lace up your boots to trek the 9-mile journey by foot to Petra. By hiking into the “Lost City“, you’ll gain access to the Unesco World Heritage site via the back entrance – fewer tourists! Hooray! On your second day in Petra, you’ll hike a trail used primarily by the locals. Yeah, it’s a kind of secret shared with us by our local guide. Shhh….

After Petra, it’s off to Wadi Rum! (Rum, count me in! 🍹). Okay, not that kind of rum. Wadi is Arabic for valley or dry river bed, and you’ll spend the next two days exploring it by foot, Jeep, and camel while falling asleep under the dark, starry desert sky. You’ll scramble your way up the totally Instagrammable Burda Rock bridge. You’ll ride into the sunset on the back of a camel. You’ll drift the desert sands riding in the back of a Jeep. Basically, you’ll be crossing off your desert Bucket List. 💯

Your final full day will be spent at the Dead Sea – the lowest point on Earth. The incredibly high salt content makes swimming impossible, but floating with magical “Dead Sea” mud totally possibly. Ahhhhhh! 😊 Our final dinner together is prepared by none other than YOU! You’ll head to a woman-owned and operated culinary school to learn classic dishes before toasting your 8 days of adventure with your newest Explorer Chick friends.

Yeah, so it’s Indiana Jane action-packed but with the right mix of culture, cuisine, uncommon experiences, and SHE-nanigans.

Now here’s the skinny:

There are only 12 spots available. We fully anticipate this adventure selling out quickly.

We are rating the trip Moderate. Now our version of Moderate is different than other folks, so be sure to still read through the physical demands on the website.

We are also offering a special INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT of $500.

Your code is JordanParty2020. Expires August 4, 2019.

Dates: March 29-April 5, 2020

Ready to book? You know where to go! It’s all over on the website.

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