Recap: West Virginia Winter Weekend

Explorer Chicks entered a winter wonderland upon their arrival in West Virginia. Rine ice covered everything in sight – imagine stepping into a scene in Frozen. :heart_eyes: This group of 11 women were quick to bond on the first evening, and plenty of she-nanigans ensued throughout the weekend.

Despite unfortunately low levels of actual snow at the start of the adventure, the group was ALL IN for taking advantage of every inch. After all, we can’t control the weather, but we can control our hearts! Explorer Chicks began the adventure with cross country ski lessons and a delicious lunch, followed by a short hike to keep the bodies loose after plenty of “controlled” falls on the skis.

The afternoon was rounded out with crazy, fun sledding (with s’mores) and dinner out at the local burrito joint/nightcaps at the brewery.

On Saturday, the weather took a turn, and huge gorgeous snow flakes began to fall on the slushy melt from the day before. The group hiked down to the impressive waterfall, and obviously flashed it – we are Explorer Chicks after all – while hikers on the “easy trail” overlook across the river may or may not have seen :joy:

The snow god Ullr smiled down for the whole rest of the day and night, and while Explorer Chicks boogied the night away to wild live music, the flakes piled up for a promising Sunday morning of snow. With just a few hours of adventure left together, Explorer Chicks strapped on the snow shoes and set out for one more hike through the gorgeous West Virginia mountains.

The trip ended with lots of hugs and plans to get together this summer – hope to see you all again at West Virginia Wild! Thanks for an amazing weekend Explorer Chicks! – EC Guide Erin

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