Our Review: Big Agnes Torchlight 20 Women’s Sleeping Bag

20° sleeping bag
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Big Agnes has now added another awesome option to their ever-growing lineup of sleeping bags with the introduction of their new Torchlight series. The new bags are designed with the female hiker in mind, tailoring the design to fit the female body shape while still leaving plenty of sleep space. The Torchlight series is similar in shape to the company’s popular Anvil Horn and Blackburn series, but with a more drastic taper from shoulders, to hips, to feet. A design Big Agnes claims reduces cold spots and heat loss while delivering an added layer of customized comfort.

In this post, we’ll run through the many features of the Big Agnes Torchlight 20. Along the way, giving you a detailed breakdown of what we love about the Torchlight series of sleeping bags and what we think Big Agnes could improve.

Overview: Big Agnes Women’s Torchlight 20

Perfect for: the sleep conscious hiker that doesn’t mind sacrificing a little extra weight for a good night’s rest

big agnes torchlight 20 sleeping bag


  • Customized fit: Tighter, more ergonomic fit with women-specific shoulder and hip girths, as well as a foot box shape.
  • Insulation galore: Improved warmth and comfort with 60% recycled 600 fill DownTek™ insulation.
  • Super-versatile: Perfect for regular use in mild winter conditions, summer camping, car-camping, backpacking, and expedition use.
  • Additional comfort: with two zipper panels, a contoured fit, and vaulted foot box construction, this sleeping bag is super comfortable
  • Price: Depending on which size you opt for (either the petite or regular size) the Big Agnes Torchlight 20 will set you back between $299.95-319.95. When compared to other competitors models that are similar specced, this is a very reasonable price for a high-quality bag


  • Lightweight: Although 2lb 13oz-3lb 2oz is a respectable hiking weight, the Torchlight 20 isn’t the lightest bag on the market
  • Sizing: even if you shoot for the Torchlight’s regular size, fitting a user up to 5’10”, taller hikers will have to look elsewhere for a larger sized sleeping bag


Model/featureBig Agnes Torchlight 20 (Petite)Big Agnes Torchlight 20 (Regular)
Bag weight2lb 13oz / 1.28kg3lb 2oz / 1.42kg
Fill weight24oz / 680g26oz / 737g
Compressed bag size9″ x 9.5″ / 23 x 24cm9.5″ x 10″ / 24 x 25cm
Stuff sack size9″ x 20″ / 23 x 51cm9″ x 20″ / 23 x 51cm
Bag sizefits users up to 5’5” / 165cmfits users up to 5’10” / 178cm
big agnes 20 degree sleeping bag

Who the Big Agnes Torchlight 20 Is For

The Big Agnes Torchlight 20 is for campers and hikers who want a durable sleeping bag option with plenty of comfort and warmth. And for those that enjoy car camping or regularly indulge in a little vanlife action, the Torchlight 20 is also a great option as it provides efficient heat distribution with zero heat loss. This sleeping bag is also perfect for women who like to sleep on their side or stomach, or for hikers who like to sleep in a fetal position.

In terms of design and fit, the Big Agnes Torchlight 20 has dual zipper expander panels and a narrower vaulted foot box construction that helps to achieve a compressed size, making it very easy to pack into a backpack. Another feature women love about the Big Agnes Torchlight 20 is its zippered ventilation. If the sleeper gets too warm during the night, you can easily open the vent to dump excess heat and find that comfortable temperature quickly. That way, you can get the best night’s sleep possible and show up feeling refreshed and rested for the following day’s trek.

Big Agnes Torchlight 20 Key Features

Alongside the many standard features, you come to expect with products from Big Agnes, the Torchlight 20 is also packed full of a whole range of extra features. Here’s a breakdown of the most notable ones.

torchlight series


The Torchlight 20 sleeping bag is constructed with DownTek™ water-repellent down insulation, which provides excellent warmth, even when it’s wet. The DownTek™ insulation stays lofty and keeps its shape well, even after long periods of storage. The insulation is also made with white duck down, which makes it fast drying and very comfortable. The bag also features a newly designed nylon rip-stop shell fabric with a water-repellent finish.


To complement the DownTek™ insulation and nylon rip-stop shell, the Torchlight 20 is also fitted with a polyester taffeta lining fabric that adds an extra layer of water-repellent protection. The lightweight polyester taffeta lining is a plain weave fabric that has a very smooth and lustrous appearance – making it the perfect material for high-quality sleeping bags. It is a synthetic fabric that is very easy to care for and you can wash it in a front loading washing machine with no special care required.


The Torchlight 20 sleeping bag features dual zipper sliders that allow the user to adjust the bag to fit their body perfectly. The dual zipper system is fitted to two full-length, zipper expander panels that can be zipped or unzipped to customize the width of the entire bag. The benefit to a dual expandable panel system is if unzipped all the way, the bag will allow plenty of room to move about without sacrificing warmth or comfort. Overall, these expander panels add an impressive 5-inches of width on either side of the bag.

big agnes expandable mummy


All Big Agnes sleeping bags are equipped with a free-range contoured hood with adjustable upper hood opening seals. This creates plenty of warmth and headroom, no matter your sleep style. The hood also features a jacket-style opening that has been designed to hug your face, keeping your nose and other facial features warm through those particularly chilly nights.

Sleeping Bag Liner Loops

For extreme weather conditions, the Torchlight also features interior fabric loops that are designed to keep fitted sleeping bag liners in place. This stops sleeping bag liners from becoming tangled and twisted during the night, something that often stops a camper from getting a good night’s sleep.

Added Extras

The Big Agnes Torchlight 20 also comes with a ton of added extras, including:

  • A compression storage sack and stuff sack that is included with the bag
  • The tapered hood design fits snugly
  • The full draft collar provides added warmth by sealing in heat around the neck
  • The wide, deep foot box is roomy enough for most women’s feet

Warranty Info

In our experience, all Big Agnes products have been built with great care and attention to detail. However, there are times that a customer may run into a manufacturing defect with their purchase. For example, the zipper on a sleeping bag may break or they might find a fault in the design which makes it impossible to use as intended. 

With this in mind, all Big Agnes products come with a limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. So if the product you’ve purchased doesn’t seem up to par, whether it’s because of faulty manufacture or poor workmanship, you can easily contact Big Agnes for a repair or replacement.


Can you wash a Big Agnes sleeping bag in the washing machine?

Yes, as long as it is a front-loading washing machine and not a top-loading washing machine. Top loading washing machines are notoriously harsh on sleeping bags. And the worst-case scenario, you may rip the outer fabric if you use a top-loading machine to clean your Big Agnes sleeping bag.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who loves the outdoors but appreciates the small comforts life has to offer, then you are going to love this sleeping bag from Big Agnes. The Torchlight 20 sleeping bag is super comfortable, while also being extremely efficient when it comes to saving space. Not to mention, it can be used in both warm and cold weather conditions. This makes it a super versatile option for trekkers, campers, and hikers alike.

And after extensive testing and backcountry camping in both the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park, we’ve come to love and trust the Torchlight 20 for its customizable sleep experience, its durability, its waterproof down, and relatively lightweight design.

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