New Team. Who Dis? – Meet your 2020 Explorer Chick Dream Team

Your Explorer Chick Dream Team is fresh off our Annual Training Retreat in the Red River Gorge last week.

Yes, 12 rambunctious women took over a couple of cabins for 4 days of learning our company culture, our Explorer Chicks, our procedures, and operations. We paired up for meal planning and cooking. (We ate soooo good! Mandi’s Shrimp tacos were life-changing!).

BUT, you want to know the real reason why our retreat is so crucial to our little Dream Team thriving?

It’s a rare occasion that this Dream Team who is committed to working without boundaries is altogether in one place. It was 4 days where we ate around two tables shoved together, shared real conversations gathered in the living room, kicked back tasty adult beverages, connected with one another, and even had a soul-cleansing bonfire. (Camp Hack: Bring boxed wine for tinder 🔥).

The energy buzzing was tangible and lasts long beyond our retreat. The volume of the cackles was deafening. (True Story: We had to turn the tunes down because we just got louder…🙉). The love is unconditional and liberal. (We might have shaken our new guides when we would line up to give them hugs upon arrival).

We departed with hugs, tears, and inside jokes that will light up our Slack for the next year. (seriously, Kroger Bags are ruined for life).

You see, the true purpose of our training retreats is to take this group of 12 women and transform from strangers to friends to an Explorer Chick family.

Together, we have created and fostered a culture of love, support, kindness, and caring. Why share? Well, that same energy and ethos radiates out to you, our Explorer Chicks.

So, who the heck are these new Explorer Chicks and who will be your guide in 2020?

Well, we got real fancy and created a video for you! Each of our guides shares where she’ll be guiding you in 2020! Take a minute to watch.

And then Keep on Scrolling to read more about our 3 new Explorer Chick guides and to more pics from our retreat!




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