Have you ever dreamed of taking your fitness studio on an Exciting Fitness Retreat? Do you then find the planning overwhelming?

Let Explorer Chick help by producing a Fitness Trip for you!

We take care of all of the administrative details allowing you to spend important time with your clients building relationships and a community. Explorer Chick will curate and host your retreat. This means we work with you to create your itinerary tailoring it for your Clients. From Extreme Adventures to Learning to Surf to Relaxing Massages to Tying in your Programming and Varying Price Points, we will develop the perfect Retreat for your Studio.

We then handle all vendor research, bookings, confirmations, payments, logistics, unexpected issues, and management during the retreats. We can even be with your during the retreat to ensure everything runs smoothly. Think of us as your personal Fitness Retreat Director and Concierge. Basically, we do all of the dirty work, leaving you to focus on your priorities: Building client relationships and creating your fitness program.

  • Engage your Clients in new ways!
  • Deepen your relationships with your Clients!
  • Every Retreat is tailored for your Studio and Clients!
  • Customize your Retreat with Exciting Adventures!
  • Gain new Clients. Build Brand Loyalty!
  • Offer your clients a Completely Unique Experience from your competition!
  • We do the planning and administrative work saving you TIME!
  • We can be with you during the retreat so you can FOCUS on your Clients!

Email: Groups@ExplorerChick.com for questions or

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