How to Ride a Motoconcho: The Dominican Uber

Do you love to ride motorcycles?! Us too! Explorer Chicks hop on the back of a motoconcho in the Dominican Republic to quickly get around town while on our Dominican Republic Tropical Vacation! They are everywhere, and ready to give you a lift to wherever you are headed. Hailing them? Unnecessary! When walking down the street, they are always asking if you need a ride. I(f riding on the back of a motoconcho isn’t your thing, no worries! Hop in a cab or enjoy the walk around town or along the beach.)

In Cabarete the cost is 50 pesos (~ $1) each way into town. At night, the price increases slightly, but with a little friendly negotiating, you can get the day rates. Many will offer to stand by while you run into the grocery or grab a cup of joe from Cabarete Coffee Company, but this may cost a little extra too. Of course, if you have an excellent driver, then maybe it’s worth it!

4 Basic Rules for Riding a Motoconcho

1. “¿Cuantos?”

Always ask for the price first. We review the standard rates with the Explorer Chicks during our Welcome meeting, so you know the appropriate price. As stated above, they may charge you more at night. You can negotiate this back down.

2. Always board from the left.

The exhaust pipe is on the right of the bike and you do not want to hit your leg on it. It burns. Badly. Explorer Chick founder Nicki has a lovely burn scar on the back of her right leg as a result of making this mistake years ago. So climb on spotting the exhaust pipe to make sure you clear it.

3. Enjoy the ride and trust your driver.

Your driver does this every day. Just as we know the rules of driving in the States and our hometown, the drivers here can navigate the streets with ease.

4. Depart the motoconcho on the left.

Then walk over to the right—or the side not on the street to pay. Pedestrians do not have the right-of-way here! You will get honked at and screamed at if you’re standing in the road while a bike is cruising towards you. (Ask us how we know.)

Cruise with us through Cabarete on the back of a Motoconcho, with some classic Dominican merengue in the background!

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