How to make your own face mask

Who would have thought that a women’s tour company would be creating a blog resource on face masks sourced by our Explorer Chicks on the Facebook Tribe? Not me, that’s for sure.

But this is the world we are living in now. We, as a society, are stepping out into the public proudly rocking our “strap ons.” (Yeah, I went there!)

Ever since the CDC updated their recommendations, social feeds have been saturated with  “How to’s,” face mask shops, sewing groups, and selfies of folks showing off this spring’s latest fashion trend. #vogue

To be honest, the whole face mask movement kind of freaked me out. I failed miserably at all of the sewing badges and projects in Girl Scouts. I still can’t sew a button on anything. Where in tarnation am I supposed to buy one? After the run on toilet paper, I was pretty confident there was no way I was going to source one locally. It left me with one option: how can I make one with what I already have at home?

This dilemma inspired me to reach out to our Explorer Chick Tribe to learn more about all things face masks. I asked you to share all things face masks with me. You all responded in droves! (Oh, and the selfies! 💗)

I want to give a BIG THANKS to everyone who shared their tips, tutorials, selfies, and ideas. Communicating and sharing knowledge is such an easy and simple way to help flatten the curve together.

Here’s what I learned:

How to make your own face mask – Sewing

What I learned from our thread is that you all have some very talented moms cranking out adorable face masks. I suppose we should take the time to learn so we can carry on their sewing legacy.

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“My mom made masks for me and a neighboring police Department.” – Explorer Chick Kelly

Below are resources including step by step instructions and patterns for your project:

Tie-On face mask

Pleated face mask with elastic

Face mask with nose wire

How to make face masks for health workers – Shared by Explorer Chick Sara


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👆Explorer Chick Erin has been making her own and shared the 2 face mask instructionals she found most helpful.

The Crafty Quilter

Raising Nobles


How to make your own face mask – No Sew

For those of us who are needle and thread challenged….These are super easy and leave no excuses for not rocking your strap on. The CDC also recommends adding a coffee filter to beef up the protection.

Easy :20 second Instagram tutorial with a bandana and hair ties – I found this video super helpful

Simple sock face mask video over on Facebook – Shared by Explorer Chick Colleen

Shop Towel face mask with paper clips, stapler, and tape on YouTube – Shared by Explorer Chick Jessie


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“I made this one with a buff, coffee filter, and hair elastics!” – Explorer Chick Julia


Explorer Chick Julie devised a system to save her ears from the chafing caused by the elastic bands.

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“I made my own ear saver….I cut a piece out of a red lanyard I had lying around, sewed on 2 big buttons, and now I can save my ears from the pressure/pain of the ear loops 👍🏻”

How to help and donate face masks

Ready to be a part of the effort? Below are a few organizations that are accepting donations or website to help your locate those in need.

Joann Fabrics “Make to Give” campaign has a goal of 100,000,000 face masks. You can curbside pick up supplies and drop off donations.

Deaconess allows you to filter by state and country for lists of nursing homes, hospitals, transport, plasma donation centers, fire departments, long term care, and more.

Find the Mask

Good ol’ Google: Where to donate home made masks in {Insert Location}

Reach out on Facebook: Let friends and family know you are making masks and ask for recommendations of places/people in need.


Explorer Chick Harp Lynn is making face masks with a pocket. She’s made about 20-25 so far to give to a nurse friend who then distributes them to those in need at her hospital. The goal is to distribute to the nurses in non-COVID areas leaving more proper masks for those on the front line. She’s new to sewing and found THIS YouTube tutorial the most helpful.


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“I’m making mine! Supplying to family and friends in need first and then starting with anyone that is high risk and in need, including my healthcare friends to be safe when out in the community. They have a filter pocket if desired.” – Explorer Chick Dana


Where to buy a face mask

Sourced by our Explorer Chicks, here are a few online shops where you can purchase face masks.




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