Happy Thanksgiving Explorer Chicks

 The Explorer Chick Dream Team
Greetings Explorer Chick! 🦃I was recently asked by TEDx Cincinnati,

“Who is the most bold and brilliant person (or people) in your life and what impact have they made on you?”

Since tomorrow is the day dedicated to giving thanks served up with the best meal of the year, I thought it appropriate to share my response. It embodies the gratitude we feel everyday at Explorer Chick World Head Quarters and in the field with you. 

“My Explorer Chicks. Hands down. I am Blessed, BLESSED, by the women I have the privilege to meet on our tours. They come from all walks of life, all ages, all careers, all upbringings, all educations, everything. And they show up: ALL IN. They have battles everyday that they face. They air it out on our adventure. Lay it all out there. We cry. We hug. We do epic shit to prove how strong we are. Me, I haven’t been through shit compared to some of the tribulations my Explorer Chicks have faced. My world gets blown open. I get empathy, awareness, wisdom. Hell, I know how to hide a body. There is nothing that trumps a woman finding her strength in the raw outdoors supported by a crew of just as bold women. That is Bold and Brilliant all wrapped into one.”

And with that, THANK YOU and Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

The Explorer Chick Dream Team
Nicki, Amy, Becca, Mandi, Razz, Katie, Lynsey, Erin, Lauren, Jaimie

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