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Turquoise Lakes, Mountain Peaks, Glaciers, National Parks

All the Iconic Hot Spots plus Backcountry Bliss

Hi Explorer Chicks! 

I know the second you saw that video on Facebook or that stunning photo on Instagram with shimmering turquoise waters surrounded by snow capped, rugged mountains, Banff made its way onto your bucket list. 

But, it’s not just a pretty picture. It is actually that freaking GORGEOUS! I remember my first time driving up the Trans-Canadian highway and thinking to myself (but really talking to myself), “Those are some sexy mountains.” My heart rate quicken, my pupils dilated, and I was in love. 😍

It was only going to be a matter of time before Explorer Chick curated an unforgettable Banff Adventure. Yet in true Explorer Chick fashion, we elevated your experience. 

Yes, you will enjoy those Instagrammable, iconic spots. Your first three days are spent in the front country hiking nearby National Parks and Provincial Parks with turquoise glacier fed lakes, past waterfalls, along pointed mountain ridgelines, and through luscious green valleys. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to include Lake Moraine and Lake Louise! 📸

Each night we turn in at a downtown Banff Hotel where you can rest that hiker booty in an outdoor hot tub. You’ll enjoy planned dinners at local eateries with time to peruse the quaint mountain town. 

Okay, then we get all Explorer Chick – for real. This is the chunk of the trip where you earn your bragging rights.

Say goodbye to the bajillion tourists, as we load up 70L packs and glacier gear to make our way across the Wapta Icefields. During the next three days, you really get to experience Banff National Park. It’s time to go deep into the backcountry as you hike hut to hut across the icefields. We’re talking unobstructed mountain views high above the ridgeline. Your rustic lodging for the next two nights might not have a hot tub or continental breakfast, but the starry skies, quiet solitude, and authentic experience will surely make up for it. 

Yeah, it’s pretty freaking rad.

Oh, and no idea how to use crampons or an ice ax? It’s pretty easy and we’ll teach you. Just be sure to show up having trained that hiker booty to peak performance. We’ll take care of the rest – logistics, transportation, technical gear, lodging, all of your meals. (You know! In true Explorer Chick fashion). 

Cheers to Boundless Adventures! 

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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