1 Woman’s Inspiring Triumph

Man, I am excited just writing this as what comes next are stories of 2 Explorer Chicks embarking on incredible adventures that I felt impelled to share. Let me tell you, our Explorer Chicks are inspiring, determined, and intrepid. It just brings a grin to my face and warmth in my heart. (Yeah, those warm and fuzzies that just tickle the soul!).

So, here we go!

A few years ago I met Amanda when on a whim I sent Explorer Chick swag to her radio station. The stickers, pens, and other cheesy chotskies ended up at her desk because it seemed like her thing (or more likely, Destiny 😊). After receiving an email from her, we agreed to meet up to hike in our local park. What happened next was an instant friendship forged in the woods over talk of choosing to change our lives, the outdoors, and strip clubs, naturally.

I knew absolutely nothing about Amanda when we first met. Unlike her radio listeners, I had no idea she had been on an incredibly successful weight loss journey. With smart food choices and exercise, she had dropped 117 pounds. (I know very boring, but shockingly effective! Imagine that🤔).

What inspired her weight loss journey? Not being able to physically enjoy the outdoors.

Over Memorial Day weekend, she traveled to Denver to climb the Dunes at Great Sand Dune National Park. Uh why, when there are plenty of other rad things to do in Colorado? The significance. This park had shut her down.

I’ll save the next part of the story for her to share in her words:

“Before I started my weight loss journey, I visited the Colorado Sand Dunes with the hopes of getting a great picture at the peak. But it was too hard, I was too unhealthy, I gave up, and turned around not even half way. Today not only did I make it to the peak, I podcasted at the top…while it was snowing.

You have the power to change your own story and choose the way you want to live. Maybe it’s not as fast as you’d like, I’m here 8 years later, but that’s not what counts. Be strong. Be brave. Believe in yourself.”

Did you get goosebumps?

Amanda is freaking amazing, inspiring, and a woman that I hold in high regard. She’s also kind of a big deal now. As referenced above, she has her own Podcast – Pound This – that has skyrocketed in popularity for good reason where she talks health, shares her story, interviews experts, and entertains the masses. (Episode 127 might feature Your’s truly!). Check it out wherever you listen to Podcasts. Follow her on Instagram for even more.

Is Amanda really an Explorer Chick? Yep. She joined me on our very first Backpacking Workshop in the Red River Gorge a few years ago where she led the charge up the steep climbs.

Her next big adventure will actually be with us on our Banff Hut to Hut hiking adventure. She’ll have her podcasting equipment too! So, you know I’m really excited to hear those episodes along with hopefully some of our other Explorer Chicks on adventure with her!

Lastly, I just have to share the news!

Yet, again Explorer Chick Adventure Co.is named one of the best among Women Only Adventure Travel by Slice. Coincidence? I think not. We have a passionate Dream Team, inspiring Explorer Chicks, and we can never seem to keep our shirts on in the Wild. 🍒🌲 (Okay, that last one may not be a qualifier, but we obviously love us some SHE-nanigans!)

Yeah, and you bet this was the picture selected for the write-up with Explorer Chick featured as Numero Uno!

To our Moab Explorer Chicks over the spring: You all are Cover Girls!

Have a story of your own? Send me an email Nicki@ec-old.design-works.com and tell me about it. While you’re at it, share your success over on the Explorer Chick Tribe Facebook Group page. There’s no such thing as a humble brag. Go on and toot your own horn so we can celebrate your achievement! #mybold

Cheers to Boundless Adventures!

Nicki Bruckmann
Explorer Chick, Founder

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