Can you guess the Most Addictive Candy in the World?

SMASH! Have you heard of it? You sure have if you were on one of the two¬†Iceland¬†trips I guided last December or hopefully if you’ve been to Norway.

Halloween Candy was a hot topic Tuesday night on the Explorer Chick Dream Team Slack channel. Both Explorer Chick Guide Lauren and I are OBSESSED with Smash from Norway. And for good reason!

Urban Legend has it that a [Mad] Scientist set out to develop the Most Addictive Candy in the world.

Now imagine if you will: After the factory line shuts down and the workers go home for the night at the Bugle Factory, the little cone shaped corn chips come to life! Muah-haha! 👩‍🔬”They’re ALIVE!”

These tiny cornucopias – perfect for popping on top of fingers like witch’s nails – are running amok! They’re doodling over the labels changing Bugles to Boogers with Sharpies. They’re blasting 90’s hip hop and line dancing the Booty Call. Heck, they go full on MTV Spring Break with a pool party in a giant vat of Milk Chocolate. 💃 Naturally, this goes on all night until the Mad Scientist returns in the morning with coffee in hand and flips the light switch.

Aghast! Conical Corn Chips are everywhere. The Mad Scientist¬†walks the factory floor to assess the damage. The labels are ruined. He flips on the radio for the morning news only to hear Sisqo’s Thong Song. (He can’t help himself as he finds his booty bopping to the beat 🍑)

Then he comes across some chips covered in Milk Chocolate as if they had gone for a quick skinny dip. The chocolate coats the chips perfectly in a nice, even layer. “Mmmm…,” the scientist thinks quizzically. Sweet, salty, airy. Down the hatch. Voila!

Okay, okay, okay. I might have made up that whole thing, but not the part about a scientist in Norway setting out to develop the World’s Most Addictive Candy. It was a legend passed down to me during one of my trips to Norway. Hey, I might have embellished the rest. But it’s fun to imagine factories coming to life and Corn Chips dancing to Black Street.

So, what am I getting at here? It’s Halloween! 🎃 Let’s talk candy! I got the conversation started on our Facebook Group:

The¬†Explorer Chick Tribe. I want to hear what your favorite candy is – whether from your kid’s pillow case of candies tonight or your last trip abroad! Head on over and comment on the post!

Cheers to Boundless Adventures!

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder and CEO






Did you know the Scots are notorious in the British Isles for the their Sweet Tooth?🍭🍬🍡
Find out the history behind it via Conde Naste Traveler.








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