Women’s Weekend in the Smokies

Spend a women’s weekend hiking and glamping to the best views in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park – It’s a classic vacation spot for all families east of the Mississippi. It’s proximity to major cities is the reason why it’s the most visited National Park! (Move on over Grand Canyon!).

Growing up, every summer my family would pile into the old blue Caravan and drive the 5 hours to the Travel Lodge to spend a few days vacationing in the Smokies. (Hey, it had an epic indoor water slide)

We would spend hours walking around downtown Gatlinburg. My mom would pop in and out of shops procuring handy crafts for our home. My brother and I couldn’t get quarters down the slots of the games at Fannie Farkles fast enough. And every year we would beg to get one of those totally rad air brushed tee shirts. (I was finally granted my wish and returned home a proud owner of a white tee emblazoned with a hot pink haired Troll!).

My parent’s weren’t the outdoorsy type. They’ll tell you to this day that roughing it is staying at a Motel 6. But, we did on occasion hike the paved trail to Laurel Falls. If it was a hot day, we would rent tubes for a few bucks to float down the icy cold Little River. (There was one memorable trip that ended rather abruptly. My scar from stitches on my shin is a daily reminder of that trip! #souvenir).

Yep, it was the classic Midwestern family road trip and I loved it. Yet, I remember driving through the mountains just imagining the adventures, trails, and treasures that existed deep in the forest.

Fast forward some 25 odd years, and I can tell you. The Smokies are still a favorite, but now I go for a quick weekend getaway where I can hike my booty off, and then relax in the evening around the campfire with a little bit of Moonshine.

This summer, we’re taking Explorer Chicks along for the adventure. For 4 days, you’ll be surrounded by some of the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi! You’ll hike 3 of our favorite trails – incredible vistas included! (I literally just paused to take a deep inhale hoping for that sweet pine smell). 🌲

Every night, we’ll return to base camp where your 2 Explorer Chick guides will cook up a hot and tasty dinner. There will be plenty of time to chat and play games around the fire and enjoy our Glamping accommodations.

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Of course, you can’t go to Tennessee without tasting the moonshine. On Saturday (after a big dinner!), we’ll enjoy a whiskey tour and tasting. You’ll not only get your buzz on, but you’ll also learn the history of distilling in the mountains.

Head on over to our website to read the full itinerary and to learn all of the details.

Cheers to Boundless Adventures! 

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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