See the 2019 Trip Shirts 💚

Hi Explorer Chicks! 

I bet you can guess what this post is all about! Yes! We have a mock up of our 2019 Trip Shirts! A feast for your eyes is below!

Okay, now for those of you who have traveled with Explorer Chick in the past you’re probably wondering, “Wait, there’s only one design?” That’s right. In the past, we would have a design for every single destination. It was basically like Pokemon where you had to catch them all. 

Yet, as our list of destinations grows, it has become more difficult to keep up the pace. Plus, the impact of multiple shipments and runs of shirts was weighing on our tree hugging minds. This year, we decided to change things up.

We are doing one shirt to rule them all! 👸👕 (Read that last part with gusto!)

But, we also want to keep it fresh for our Explorer Chicks who travel with us year after year. So each year, we’ll do a brand new design. (I mean you can only have so many of your favorite T-shirt, am I right?). 

And, what about this design? Who is the brilliant artist? Her name is Jasmine. I first met Jasmine on one of our Red River Gorge Backpacking workshops in 2015. I learned she was a talented artist, so we started working together on Explorer Chick projects. She has since designed every single Explorer Chick shirt that we have put out into the world. And, she continues to travel with us and join on our Mini Adventures. 

Lastly, your Trip Shirts are women specific shirts. No weird, crap Unisex shirts that get passed out after a 5k race. Your shirt will be a scoop neck, tri-blend, super soft tee. The color: An Earthy Green. 💚🌎

We’re expecting to pick them up in a few weeks. For all of our Explorer Chicks who have traveled with us already this year, Amy will mail those out as soon as they are in. The rest of our Explorer Chick Travelers will receive them in their Welcome Packages about a month before embarking on their adventure. 

Check them out below!

 Cheers to Boundless Adventures! 

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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