Private Travel Trip: The Chicas Abroad go to Machu Picchu 🌈


Explorer Chick Guide Becca just wrapped up her back to back adventures in Peru. First with our group of Explorer Chicks hiking the Inca Trail. Then with ourĀ Private Group, the Chicas Abroad, who embarked on our Machu Picchu Multisport.

Melanie, the Ring Leader of the Chicas Abroad, reached out to me about a year ago to curate a private Machu Picchu Multi-Sport trip for her group of rambunctious, rowdy, intrepid women. All together they were 8 women who were friends, mothers, and daughters all setting out on an transformative and challenging journey to Machu Picchu.

They each showed incredible perseverance battling the altitude, long hiking days, facing fears with determination, and having a rip-roaring time throughout it all! It was an adventure filled with campsite card games, pushing physical boundaries forĀ unforgettable views, and hours of laughter.

Below is quite the menagerie of photos from the Chicas Abroad private trip! I even sprinkled in some of their words to truly paint the picture of an adventure they soon won’t forget.

(Yes, we do work with Private Groups! Heck, you can even bring the Explorer Dudes if you want. For more information on our private trips, head over to HERE.)


“Words canā€™t describe the amazing adventure I was fortunate enough to experience in Peru. Each day allowed me to conquer something new. I went whitewater rafting for the first time, rode 30-miles downhill into a jungle in Peru, walked the Inca trail where I had to face my fear of heights and cliffs, walked to Machu Picchu, toured a coffee farm, and received a blessing from a medicine man. The toughest thing of all, I walked up Rainbow Mountain and got to experience beginning a climb at 15,000 feet and ending at 16,666 feet. I survived the most challenging thing Iā€™ve ever done, even though at times I felt like I couldnā€™t breathe. Iā€™m so happy to be able to experience this with 7 amazing ladies, 1 inspirational leader, and 2 Peruvian guides who took great care of us and kept up laughing.” – Explorer Chick Amy



“Had the most amazing time in Peru! Pushed myself past limits I didnā€™t even know I had. If anyone is interested in an all girl travel experience I highly recommend Explorer Chick!!” – Explorer ChickĀ Angela


“Did the most humbling and challenging hike that I have ever done today to Rainbow mountain at 16,666ft! Came back down through the red valley and some local villages. Feeling pretty f’ing fantastic that I did it along with some amazing ladies and a couple Incan guides! An experience of a lifetime!” – Explorer Chick Raquel


“If anyone is considering an Explorer Chick trip, do it! We have been spoiled the entire time by amazing guides, chefs and driver. Never a dull moment and memories to last a lifetime.” – Explorer Chick Melanie




“Dear Peru,You truly pushed us to our limits; physically,emotionally, and spiritually…. And for that, I will forever be gratefulĀ Ā  Forever changed, Annemarie” – Explorer Chick, Annemarie


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