2019: The Year of Being Bold


Happy New Year Explorer Chicks! 

The trails are my meditative space where I do my best thinking. The quiet, the solitude, the lack of distractions. My only focus is making sure I don’t break my face tripping over a root or stone. Just enough focus to keep me present, but not so much that my brain cannot wonder freely. It’s the space where my subconscious pulls together all of the problems, back burner information, snap, crackle, and pops, to churn out innovative ideas or solutions.  

On one such trail run last November, I began thinking about “Badass.” It’s a word that is thrown around haphazardly anymore. Hell, we’re guilty of using it quite a bit. I thought about what Badass represents. To me it has the connotation of being recklessly daring after drinking way too many beers, getting by only with a touch of luck, and capturing it all on video with your Bro’s in the background yelling, “Dude!” 

Me, I don’t feel bad ass. I don’t feel that the things I do are Bad ass. And, I really never did like being called, “Bad Ass.” 

Yet, I’m also not living life in an armchair. And, neither are you! Everyday, we are pushing ourselves just a little farther so we continue to grow. Our achievements must be celebrated and described! 

But how?

My brain started pulling together a list of descriptors of our achievements and ourselves: Smart, Calculated, Brave, Strong, Feminine, Daring, Courageous, Intrepid, Confident. 

None of these words screamed, “Badass.” No. Instead, I kept coming back to BOLD. Bold is being fearless, adventurous, brave. Yet, it also describes vivid colors and imagery. Think of something Bold! Is it not stunning in it’s appearance! Strong, Vibrant, Beautiful, Daring! YES! Bold! 

Explorer Chicks are BOLD! 

And in 2019 we are shifting our conversation from being “Badass” to being “Bold.” 

Bold actions can be small scale to epic proportions. We want to celebrate all of those actions. My first bold action of 2019 was walking the beach in a very cheeky bikini in the Dominican Republic. Trust me, I had to summon every last bit of courage to introduce my hiney to the innocent beachgoers in Cabarete. But, that was #MyBold. I was striking out with courage, strength, and beauty. I gained a new appreciation and confidence in my imperfect body. 

As you strike out in 2019, we want you to own your Boldness. We want you to declare #MyBold. And, we want to celebrate it with you! Whether you are learning to surf with us in Baja, handmaking pasta for the first time, or climbing Mt. Everest, let’s hear it. 

Every Monday, we will feature one of our Explorer Chicks being bold. We are cleverly calling it #MyBold Monday. 

To be featured: 

  • Share a quality picture of yourself pursuing your Bold actions. 
  • Write how you are being bold in your caption. 
  • #MyBold
  • Most importantly: TAG US! (Seriously, it is the only sure fire way I will 100% see your post). 

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Cheers to Boundless, BOLD Adventures! 

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick

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