Yeah, buddy! That’s right! We have officially launched our online shop and to celebrate we are giving away a $100 Shopping Spree!

Of course, we didn’t just create an online shop by slapping our logos on some junk tanks and calling it a day. We are not a company trying to make a quick buck on the hiking trend by screening thoughtless, ubiquitous graphics on tees adding to the waste of the fast fashion industry.

Oh, hell no! Mother Nature is our home girl, and we wanted to do right by her. Of course, we’re not able to launch a shop resulting in zero impact. But, I saw second option. Launch the Shop using it as a platform to educate Explorer Chicks on the impact of fast fashion while doing what we could to create Eco-friendly apparel.

And, so we developed our guiding principles – like a trusty topo map – that keep us on track as we curate the Shop. What are they?

  • Eco Friendly
  • Ethically produced
  • Timeless
  • Functional
  • Keep more out of landfills
  • Transparency
  • Educate

As you browse our online shop, you will see a bullet point list under every product describing how each Rad Rag meets our Eco-Friendly standards. When it comes to the length of this list, you bet size matters! We encourage you to take a moment to read it, to learn about your goodies, and to brag about your eco-concious style to all of your tree hugging, crunchy friends.

Here’s the real truth: We are not going to even put a dent in a major economic and environmental problem, but we are committed to consciously doing our part to provide eco-friendly, ethically produced, functional, and/or sustainable products. This is not an easy route opting out of the mainstream. (Of course, when have we ever been mainstream?) It strongly limits our collections and what we can provide. Growth will be slow, but responsible.

To enter the $100 Shopping Spree, fill out the form below! Don’t forget to Follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!

Winner will be chosen on Friday, June 29, 2018 at 9pm EST. Winner will be contacted by email.

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