Your 2020 Women’s Backpacking Workshops in the Red River Gorge are Here

Quite a few of you have been begging us to release our 2020 Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshops dates. I can finally say, “THEY ARE HERE!”

We have a total of 9 dates on the calendar spanning May through November. All of the dates are listed below with the their $20 Early Bird Discount Code.

🙅‍♀️ Wait, Nicki. What is this all about? I can just go take a class at the REI for free…

You sure can. And, why not? It’s free!

But if you’re really serious about Backpacking, then a hands-on, immersive experience with an Explorer Chick expert and a community of supportive women is a smarter alternative.

Why? The ol’ proverb: “Experience is the best teacher.”

Trust us when we say you don’t want to be in the great outdoors equipped with all of your new, rad gear wondering, “Am I doing this right?” A lingering case of the Giardia poops is not the way to find out. 🚫💩

Instead, strike out on your own after backpacking overnight with Explorer Chick. On our weekend, overnight workshops you actually backpack!

You feel the weight after strategically packing your backpack. You hike on rough terrain including steep inclines, uneven declines, small scrambles, and creek crossings with about 25 pounds of your gear. You filter your own water that you drink. You select a site and set up your tent. You light a camp stove and cook a yummy dinner. You clean your cookware following Leave No Trace principles. Then you hang a bear bag before turning in. You even learn how to poop in the woods!

The weekend is instructed by an Explorer Chick Guide. She is your expert who you can ask as many questions as needed to eliminate all of those doubts. She’s helping you every step of the way ensuring you have a strong handle of the fundamentals. You’ll also be surrounded by a non-judgemental group of women – all there to learn with you!

What about all of that expensive gear? We lend you a shared tent, a backpack, a sleeping pad, and a sleeping bag for the weekend. You’ll just need to show up with your hiking boots, personal clothing, and a few other outdoor items.

Oh, and we’ll chow down on burritos and guacamole to wrap up your adventure. 🌯🥑 (Lesson #1 in backpacking – Always reward nights in the wild with all the foods!)

Below are your 2020 Dates with your $20 Early Bird Discount Code:

Code: RedSpring2020 – Expires April 1
May 9-10
May 30-31
June 6-7

Code: RedFall2020 – Expires July 1
Sept 5-6
Sept 12-13
Sept 26-27
Oct 3-4
Oct 24-25
Nov 7-8

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