Recap: Michigan UP Frozen Adventure 2019

While the rest of the East Coast was huddled up inside during the Polar Vortex, these Explorer Chicks bundled up for 5 days of adventure in Michigan’s UP! RealFeel temps dropped to -22 degrees but I have never heard so much continuous laughter, infectious smiles, encouragement, and overall STOKE to be outside. The Explorer Chicks scaled frozen waterfalls, explored ice caves on snowshoes, watched the sunset over Lake Superior, embraced the local cuisine of fried everything, and mushed their own team of sled dogs 40 miles over 2 days. There were endless cuddles from loving sled dogs over 2 days while we stayed in a warm cabin deep in Michigan’s backcountry. To top it off – campfire SHE-nanigans, saunas, boxed wine, laughing that makes your abs hurt, and new lifelong friends. -Becca

-Explorer Chick Guide Becca

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