8 Best Photo Spots in Iceland for Instagram Greatness

We rounded up our favorite photo spots in Iceland to shoot the next photo that propels you to an Insta-Famous following (or maybe just the photo of your next Christmas card).

Iceland is an Instagram photographer’s dream, and for good reason! Its diverse landscapes of massive waterfalls, blue ice glaciers, lush green valleys, black sand beaches, and outdoor adventures provide the perfect backdrop and playground for snagging the best Instagram photos.

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1. Ice Climbing a Glacier

Nothing screams, “Badass, Bold Woman” more than a photo of you slaying an ice climbing route. There you are swinging two ice axes powerfully into the ice while driving spikes strapped onto your mountaineering boots methodically into the wall. Who does that? You do! Because you are Powerful AF. 💪 Ain’t nothing stopping you from playing hard in the outdoors.

Don’t believe us? Travel Channel used our photo of Explorer Chick Michele when they featured our Iceland Adventure in their round up of the Ultimate Women-Only Trips.

2. Ice Caves

Are you on the moon or in Iceland? Tease your Instagram followers with photos that look out of this world. The contrast of the blue ice and the gray rock create a landscape that you just can’t find in your backyard or state park. Keep in mind, these ice caves can only be accessed in the cold winter months. They are formed as meltwater during the summer carves out labyrinths in the bases of glaciers. During the winter, they dry up and the walls freeze so you can safely explore inside.

Tip: The trick to getting the right shot? Grab a spotlight to light up your subject and shoot in manual mode with a larger aperture and slower ISO speed. Be patient and adjust until you grab that perfect photo.

3. Hot Springs

woman in hotspring in iceland.

Okay, at this point everyone and their mother knows about Blue Lagoon. The calming blue waters and fun silica masks make for a classic Iceland photo for Instagram. Yet, your Glamour Shot needs to be extra. Iceland is a volcanic island with geothermal springs emerging everywhere. Although some are too hot to stick a toe in, there are others that merge with cold river water creating the perfect temperature for marinating. You might need to strip down to a bikini in frigid temperatures, but the shot of you in your adorable wool beanie surrounded by mountains is so worth it.

cta - iceland hot springs

4. Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach

When most people talk about the black sand beach of Iceland, they are referring to Reynisfjara with the “Trolls” jutting out of the ocean. Don’t get us wrong! We love stopping by this beach to witness the mighty waves crashing on the beach.

But we think you can snag the best black sand beach photo on Diamond Beach. It gets its name from the chunks of ice that break off the glacier into the lagoon, float down a narrow channel, and then wash up onto the beach. The result is a shoreline carpeted in clear, glassy diamonds big enough for the Gods.

You’ll want to plan to end your day at Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach because the sunset is not to be missed! The way the last glimpses of light hits the ice is unforgettable!

5. Iceland’s Waterfalls

It wouldn’t an article about Instagram Spots in Iceland without mentioning a few waterfalls.

Tip: Love those waterfalls photos with the soft clouds of water? They’re easy to snap with a bit of practice and patience. Set your camera to manual mode then adjust your settings to a low ISO and a small aperture. Keep steady or use a tripod as you snap away. Keep experimenting with the shutter speed until you reach your desired effect

Want help? This list of cameras for bloggers goes through all of the different functions and capabilities so that you can find the right camera that makes it easy to shoot all kinds of photos.

6. Gulfoss Waterfall

Part of the classic Golden Triangle Tour, Gulfoss is a photographer’s dream! It’s big. It’s powerful. It’s accessible. The parking lot is mere steps away from the massive, multi-tiered fall, so dragging out your good camera and accessories is an ease. (And, so worth it!). Spend some time here exploring the paths that take you right up to the falls and high above it, so you can get the best angle for your shot.

7. Skógafoss Waterfall

Skógafoss is a classic ribbon waterfall dropping dreamily from the lush green river valley above. The mere size of it will have you squatting, backing up, and changing lenses to capture its beauty. If you’re lucky with a sunshiny day, a rainbow will take your photo to the next level. Be sure to take the 370 steps up to the platform above the falls for a new angle.

8. Svartifoss Waterfall

Want to something a bit more unique? Then the short hike in Vatnajökull National Park is worth it to reach the “Black Falls.” There is a mystical backdrop of Basalt columns which seems like something only seen in Ireland. The hike in will take roughly 45 minutes, but you’ll have plenty of time to pause at the three additional waterfalls in route.

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