2020 West Virginia Wild in the New River Gorge

Wild was, well, WILD! 🙌

Love and Gratitude to all our our Explorer Chicks!

Holy Smokes! Who else left Wild with sore cheeks from the raft and sore cheeks from laughing entirely too much? 🙋‍♀️

We had bold group of women joined us this past weekend at West Virginia Wild for an epic weekend of camping, swamp walking, Pink Whitneys, bonfire brews, laughter, rap songs, river carnage, a little rain, new friends, and SHE-nanigans!

Okay, so that little bit of rain was on the daily for days leading up to our trip and throughout. But, when it comes to rafting – rain is good thing! The New River was flooded and entirely too dangerous for us. So, this year, we got to send the Lower Gauley with a CFS three times higher than the norm. Yeah, it was FUN! Flat water was far and few between. It was rapid after rapid with massive waves for 16 miles. AND THE VIEWS! Massive boulders, towering gorge walls, and the rushing Cathedral Falls. 😍

I could sit here and blabber on and on, but I won’t! Instead, I share your words from the weekend below!

And just a BIG thank you to the entire Explorer Chick Wild posse for your love, kindness, and support of each other and your generous dash of crazy that keeps it ridiculously fun. You are our lifeblood. And I am damn proud to call myself an Explorer Chick. 💗




“Yeah, we did that! The New River was too high and dangerous, so it was closed. Believe me, the Lower Gauley River was no slouch. We tackled 26 rapids, 5 of which were rated Class 5! The higher water raised the class levels of some of the rapids. Our raft were the only ones to ace the toughest 5er, Heaven’s Gate- right down the middle, baby!” – Julie




“Rain, mud, wet feet, damp everything, rainbows, campfires, margaritas, jokes, laughs, tears, f-bombs, tents, peeing under trees, kayaks, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, meals, potholes, cicadas, raging water, rafts, PFD, new challenges, brushes with death, bug bites, blisters, bruises, sore muscles, beautiful people, memories.” – Shannon


“WV Wild 2020-amazing trip, fun, relax, laughter, real sisterhood! We empowered each other this weekend! Rafting the lower gulley was amazing! On to next year! Love you ladies! #explorerchicks” – Kristi

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