Lindsey Terrell

Lindsey is an Explorer Chick Guide that has spent the last decade travelling around the country looking for whatever adventure can be found. From working on an oyster farm on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, to hiking the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut, she can find fulfillment everywhere. When Lindsey’s not travelling around the country exploring, she can be found visiting the local forests and parks foraging for wild edible fruits and mushrooms, or hiking with her twelve-year-old pup. 

Coming from a medical laboratory science degree, Lindsey realized her happiness in life was found outside the walls of a hospital and quit her job, replacing it with the life of a tour guide. A lot of her days are now spent ziplining with clients, or teaching people rope-and-saddle tree climbing. She is also a certified Wilderness First Responder. Lindsey believes in living her life with intention and sharing her love of the outdoors and adventure with others. When she’s not outside, she likes to spend her time cooking new cuisine, or baking macarons and brewing beer.

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