Kat Porter

Kat is an Explorer Chick Guide nicknamed the “energizer bunny”. An outdoorsy extrovert, Kat thrives on bringing energy and sharing adventures. Kat has worked as a part of the climbing industry for over a decade. As a competitive rock climbing coach, Kat has trained athletes at the national level. She also holds her AMGA SPI certification as a climbing guide so she can share her passion for climbing with people outdoors. Her favorite local spots to climb are the New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks, WV.

It was through climbing that she fell in love with the outdoors and learned to push the limits of what she thought was possible. Although climbing is her main passion, she loves anything involving challenge and movement – scuba diving, snowboarding, hiking, dancing, skateboarding, slacklining, caving, canyoneering, kayaking, yoga, and so much more. Kat’s superpower is to be able to sleep on planes and she is also a big nerd, so feel free to geek out with her. She looks forward to meeting you on a future adventure!

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